Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Manga: Sword Oratoria 3

Sword Oratoria Vol 3
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Aiz and her friends make their way to Rivira, the town nestled deep within the Dungeon, only to stumble upon a macabre murder! After determining the culprit must be extremely powerful, everyone seems to think a member of the Loki Familia is the most likely suspect?! Meanwhile, on the surface, Loki embarks on an investigation of her own, delving deep into the sewers to get to the bottom of a mystery that may affect her children's future--as well as that of all Orario...

CSI: Sword Oratoria...I mean, Sword Oratoria Vol 3, see's Aiz and co (minus Bete) head in to the dungeon for some chilled roaming about....before getting involved in a murder mystery on floor 18! Meanwhile Bete is with Loki who's out for revenge after the events of the previous volume. 

Guys, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Bete is a softy, much like Loki secretly is! Bete gets quite a nice amount of page time this volume, as well as his own time to shine, which I was quite pleased about because I'm curious about him!  

Volume 3 brings us plenty of action and mystery as both teams have a mystery of their own to solve. Loki is starting to try to put pieces together, as is Finn down on level 18. The volume ends with a shock surprise twist and leaves us with plenty of questions that are hopefully going to be solved in the next volume?! It's certainly a compelling volume...

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