Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Manga: Magical Girl Raising Project 2

Magical Girl Raising Project Vol 2
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

What started as a beautiful dream has become a bloody nightmare. Seven magical girls have been struck down so far-and it only gets worse from here! Wracked with grief over the deaths of her closest friends, Snow White has vowed to quit being a magical girl. But if the fairest maiden of all gives up, who will keep the dream alive? Is all hope lost for N City...? 

The volume starts off by throwing us straight back in from when we left off, and Snow White is having quite the meltdown, not that I don't feel for her. Ripple is also having a bit of a crisis of her own, an identity crisis, if you will. The killing and death is definitely taking a toll on our characters. Meanwhile Calamity Mary is loving life and ready to throw down! I should pre-warn you guys, if you didn't expect it already...there's a lot more casualties this volume! 

I really love the art for this series, and I particularly loved the scene where Fav was delivering the news of the cuts and that there'd need to be three more and it was interspersed with scenes of the girls dealing with the aftermath of some of the deaths. It was really nicely done and kind of slightly chilling at the same time! 

I have to say, most of the characters aren't the nicest, but Swim Swim is truly vile, as is Cranberry. But it was nice to see them get what was coming to them. I'm not going to lie...I cheered a little bit. 

This volume is fast paced and full of action, and the battle sequences are wonderfully drawn. With this volume we see the end of the story arc, as everything gets resolved and wrapped up neatly! I still think Snow White was a little bit useless throughout this but she added some humanity to the story and was authentic in her reactions to everything. 

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