Friday, 6 October 2017

Manga: SAO Mother's Rosary

Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosary Volume 3
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Yuuki's sudden disappearance has left Asuna bereft. It had seemed like everyone was having such a good time-what did she do wrong...? She turns to Kirito in her search for answers, but she may end up wishing she'd never pulled on that thread. The most heartbreaking arc in SAO comes to a tearful conclusion...!

This volume brings the Mother's Rosary arc to an end, and this arc really does wrap up beautifully! This is pretty much the saddest arc in SAO, and the ending manages to choke me up a little bit when I watch the anime, I can't lie! 

Yuuki is MIA and Kirito is sorting Yui out in the real world using a camera she can see through and some scientific things that quite frankly....I rarely understand. I'm not that great with technology but it does look good! We finally find out the truth about Yuuki and this arc will give you all the feels. 

The art is recognisably SAO but with the artists own twists and quirks. Whereas the Phantom Bullet arc is pretty much exactly the same, the art for this story arc is a little bit different. It's nice and totally cute! 

The entire arc follows the story in the anime, and it's just as heartbreaking on the page as on the screen. Yuuki is such a strong character and she shows you that you can push forward and keep fighting no matter what. I kinda envy her optimism, energy and strength to be honest! 

I wasn't sure how well some things would translate over from the anime, but I really loved how well drawn this arc was and how the montages where drawn throughout the volume. I also loved that after having such a spotlight on Kirito from the past couple of arcs we got more of a focus on Asuna in this one. This arc has been a nice change of pace, not just featuring the girls a bit more, but there's no high stakes fighting etc, they're just playing the game, if that makes sense. Either way, this arc has been an interesting change and it wraps up perfectly! 

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