Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Manga: Akame Ga Kill! 12

Akame Ga Kill! Vol 12
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The Night Raid faces a powerful enemy. The terrifying pair, Esdeath and Budo, block their path. Budo's lightning attacks keep the Night Raid a hair's breadth from danger... Will Tatsumi and the others survive the onslaught!? 

Fiiiinaaalllly the new volume is here! The wait for the new volume has been painful after the way last volume ended! As we start volume 12, there's no time to blubber about the events of the last volume. We're straight in with the action as Night Raid are fighting to get out and away safely without losing anyone else....and they're against two of their toughest opponents which means it's time to go all out. With some adverse effects. 

I've been waiting for one specific event to happen, so I was on edge for the entire volume I'm not going to lie. This volume diverges again from the anime so you still end up being surprised and there's some little bits in there that make the anime similar content even better! Especially for people who ship two specific characters! *wink wink* 

I have to say, I took some savage joy in seeing Dorothea get taken out.....Wicked Witch style. I may or may not have cackled to myself. This series just goes all out with making the villains particularly dislikable

This volume is packed full of action and we're really building up for what's promising to be an epic finale! Night Raid are down one more member and things aren't looking good for Tatsumi. Things have really broken away from the anime these past couple of volumes, some things are a bit similar but there's big differences coming in so I'm finding myself being more and more surprised and more on edge because I'm not sure how things are going to go! I'm even holding my breath at points! 

Volume 12 hit me right in the feels, and with how things are ramping up, there's not a great place to pause the action that doesn't have you groaning and shouting "WHY?!", but things are definitely starting to heat up as we enter the final stretch! 

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