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Manga: The Seven Deadly Sins Vol 21

The Seven Deadly Sins Vol 21
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The Fighting Festival between The Seven Deadly Sins and The Ten Commandments has finally begun! With The Sins and company divided into groups of two, they have no choice but to work separately as pairs in order to prove victorious in their duels against the other contestants. But when Gowther and Escanor are pit against each other, will they fall into The Ten Commandments’s trap and fight, or will their friendship be strong enough to get them through unscathed? 

I remember watching this show on Netflix, I'd been intrigued by the trailer that they'd been constantly showing and decided to give it a try, and while I was a bit iffy at first, I ended up getting completely hooked. Then of course, once the anime ended I had to know what happened next so I started to read the manga...and here we are at Volume 21 already! 

I've been so excited for this volume because of the end of last volume, with everyone getting paired up for the fighting festival. Like I've been so ready to see everyone throw down, I knew it was going to be awesome! I wasn't wrong. And it was nice to see Elaine and Elizabeth hold their own when they got dragged in to it! 

I'm not going to lie to you guys, Ban and Meliodas are my BROTP. I love the two of them, they crack me up. They had me absolutely cackling in this volume, when they had a little spat during their fight, and they're like, *argues about who's girlfriend is better* and then five minutes later Ban's like "Why's this guy dead? Guess we won. Oh well". I was full on cackling. Only those two would accidentally kill an opponent while arguing between themselves. 

We get to catch up with Denzel and co, and Guila who's in a crew with Gustaf (Jericho's brother) and a surprise relative of Elizabeth's which should be...interesting to see play out. I'm looking forward to seeing more of said relative, I was hoping we might get to see more of her after she showed up earlier on, I actually quite liked her and I'm intrigued to see what role she's going to play in the coming events and so on, and get to delve in to her character more! 

Camelot has unfortunately fallen to Melioda's brother. Damnit Arthur. You had one job. Just one. I'm looking forward to seeing the gang inevitably take it back, but more importantly...I'm looking forward to seeing more of Arthur. Ever since he popped up I've been exited to see him and what he can do and so on, but I feel like he hasn't really had a chance to shine yet, so I'm hoping that next volume we'll finally get to see him in action, and see how he can contribute. 

I have to say, Gowther gets more creepy with each volume. I actually quite liked him when he was first introduced but now he just plain creeps me out. Seriously. Then we get confronted with a new mystery involving him, and I'm like...part of me feels sorry for him..but most of me is just hugely creeped out and kinda wants to hand him over, mystery be damned. 

One of the greatest parts of this volume, for me anyway, was finally getting to see some more of Escanor's background! I've been so curious about him, and then we finally get to meet him and he wasn't at all what I was expecting and I've been itching to know more about him and this volume really delivered for that. I'm also warming to Jericho more and more as the volumes go on, I wasn't sure I'd ever actually like her all that much but I'm slowly getting there and it's nice to see how her relationship with Ban has changed, and how they've finally bonded and become a team. 

My main problem with this volume? When Escanor goes full badass and you're left hanging until next volume! can't just bust that out and then leave it there!? It's just cruel! Although it's safe to say things are stepping up again, there's more going on, there's plenty of action again, we've got sub plots and little mysteries springing up. We're learning more about characters both new and old, and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next. There's certain events I'm looking forward to in particular, as well as seeing how the Commandments get taken down. Because we all know they will get taken down! 

The Seven Deadly Sins is continuing to draw me in with the world and the characters, not to mention the action and the plots proceeding at a nice pace with plenty of things thrown in to keep you hooked! 

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