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Manga: The Royal Tutor Vol 2

The Royal Tutor Vol 2
Rating: 4/5
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When the king returns to court, it's time for the princes to prove their mettle. But not everyone's been exactly keeping up with Heine's lessons... (Hint: It's the prince who only scored a one on his assessment test...and that was for signing his name!) Can Heine really whip these boys into shape well enough to rule a country?

You guys, I really feel like this is one of my favourite series both in manga and anime! I look forward to each new volume and kind of put it to the side to read last! I love the art for it, it's got these really fancy touches to it like on the first page...flourishes one might say. I'm getting so in to this series it's not even funny! 

I have to say, Licht is probably my favourite Prince at this point, I'm not going to lie. Although Leonhard is coming in a close second but he's tied with Kai. I'm really loving how the brothers interact with each other, the way they back each other up and tease and mock each other. It provides both humorous and heart warming moments throughout the manga. It's such a great portrayal of sibling relationships. I was a bit worried in the beginning they might all be backstabbing each other so this was a pleasant surprise! 

I'm so ready to learn more about the rest of the Princes, as in this volume the focus is very much on Leonhard! We get some fun scenes with the Princes going out in to the city to interact with the people and see what it's like, something Licht's already aware of. Heine handling Leonhard with the whole guillotine thing cracked me up. Poor old Leonhard is now 'commoner phobic' and spends the rest of the chapter muttering about the dreaded guillotine. Bless him. 

I'm envisioning us getting to know each Prince better and better with each volume, this volume has a particular focus on Leonhard, like I said, and I'm willing to bet the next volume will be Licht to match the cover...the anime went with Licht next, but I'm not sure yet how much the anime is going to have diverged from the manga. Aside from the fact the manga is giving us more insight in to the Princes and motivations behind their actions and so on than in the anime. There's just a bit more information, the manga goes a bit deeper. 

The King, Viktor makes his first appearance in this volume and he is one of my favourites! He completely cracks me up! He's scary and in King mode one moment and then crying and fawning over his sons the next...and they're embarrassed of him. Which I find hilarious. I'm intrigued to see if Heine and Viktors relationship will be the same as the anime or if it'll be changed and tweaked a bit. 

During this volume we get to see how far the Princes bond with each other goes, how they work together and help each other. We see just how much like brothers they are at one point, and we see the differences between each Prince as they venture in to town. We finally get to see them interact with their father, and see the relationship between them and him. In Volume 2 we can see how far their bond with Heine has come in such a short time, particularly in Leonhards case as he trusts Heine. It becomes clear that the Princes trust Heine, and they're opening up to him. It's going to be nice to see their relationship with him grow and change as they open up more, and as we delve deeper in to each character and what makes them tick and so on. 

Things are picking up from our introduction to the Princes in volume one as we get to see more of the characters and the unexpected starts to pop up. Towards the end of this volume, we really start to diverge from the anime. When it comes to Kai and his dilemma from the beginning of episode 8...that's the penultimate chapter of this second volume and appears to be dealt with in just the one chapter without the outing with Princess Adele. Whereas in the anime after Leonhard's problem, we move on to Licht and Kai is the last of the Princes we get to see more of. So I'm not sure whether we'll get more of Kai later, or if that's it. After Kai's chapter we then have completely new material which was a nice surprise! It was nice to see the relationship between two of the Princes and get a little bit of insight in to both and how they act and so on. 

As well as all of that we get some cool background information on the world of the manga too! We get to learn the inspiration behind it and some interesting facts about it and how it works and so on which I found fascinating and really adds to the world! 

The Royal Tutor Volume 2 allows us to delve more in to Prince Leonhard's character as well as the bond between the Princes and Heine...as well as each other. We cover Episodes 4 and 5 of the anime and the beginning of episode 8, and considering Kai and his problem where wrapped up I don't think we'll be getting the rest of episode 8. Volume 2 starts to diverge from the things we've already seen in the anime, to brand new material that we haven't seen yet and it's made me more curious to see how things are going to play out. My money is on vol 3 being Licht centric but I guess we'll see! Either way this manga is fun, humorous and heart warming too at times, with its fair share of mysteries to be solved, even more so with the introduction of King Viktor! 

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