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Anime Expo: Yen Press Announcements

Hey guys!
I'm doing a new kind of post today, I hope you and the lovely people at Yen Press don't mind! 
So, the weekend just gone all the lucky manga and anime fans in the US got to head to Anime Expo...I am forever jealous because I'd love to go so badly! Luckily I could kind of live vicariously through live streams! 
Anime Expo was filled with epic panels and plenty of huge announcements, as you would expect.  I thought I'd do a little round up of the announcements from Yen Press for those of you UK manga fans that missed Nadine live streaming it, or don't know where to look for the announcements!

First up, let's take a look at the Manga that have been licensed to be released in print! 

1. Silver Spoon by Hiromu Arakawa

Yugo Hachiken is an ace with studying, and wants to be away from his family,and believes he can do he could go to any school with no problems, so trading regular high school for Agriculture school, he begins a new journey. Upon arriving at the school and starting classes he is quickly proven wrong, and must uncover the truth about farming, and Agriculture, and how to keep up with his news friends, who are already used to the farming world.

Genres: Romance, Comedy & Drama

2. Kemono Friends by Furai

Japari Park is a gigantic integrated zoo. In the zoo, due to the mysterious "sand star" substance, the animals start turning into human-shaped creatures called Animal Girls. Japari Park is a place where many people visit and have fun at, but one day a lost child wanders into the park. The lost child starts a journey to return, but because so many Animal Girls join in on the quest it becomes an unexpected grand adventure.

Genres: Adventure, Comedy & Fantasy

3. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Days of Goddess by Masaya Takamura

This is the four-panel spin off of Is It Wrong To Try To Pick up Girls in a Dungeon, collected in to one volume....well I assume it's just one volume, I'm not too sure from what I can find out from various places! It should be fun though, and it's all about what Hestia gets up to when there's no adventure going on! I actually really love Hestia so I'm excited to see more of her! 

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy & Romance

4. Tales of Wedding Rings by Maybe

Satou has been in love with his childhood friend and neighbor, Hime, ever since she and her grandfather appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. Now a dazzling, yet mysterious high school beauty, she makes it more and more difficult for him to confess his feelings. As the anniversary of their first meeting is nearing, will he muster up his courage to transform their friendship into something more? Or will an entirely different fate await this tightly bonded pair?

Genres: Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance & Action

5. Oh My Sweet Alien by Koji Miyata

Online it tells us that Oh, My Sweet Alien is a sitcom about an ordinary man and his alien wife. From the panel we learned a liiiitttlleee bit more than that! We have a salary man who's deep, dark secret is that his wife is an alien with tentacle hair and laser beams coming out of her eyes. 

Not much more information is available about this one just yet, it's supposed to be out in January, but it certainly looks interesting, I think we can agree! 

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi & Slice of Life

6. Mermaid Boys by Yomi Sarachi

The curious prince of the mermaid kingdom, Naru, sees a human girl, Nami, and falls in love with her at first sight. Yearning for her love, he seeks a witch to turn himself into a human! But to gain this form, he has to exchange "something" in return..

I'm getting gender swapped Little Mermaid vibes you guys! The fab people at Yen Press assured us that it's full of pretty boys, and it's funny!

Genres: Fantasy, Shoujo

7. Zo-Zo-Zombie-kun by Yasunari Nagatoshi

A gag comedy aimed at young children featuring Zombie-kun, a child zombie, and his interactions with the world. This little guy got many "aw's" at the panel! Our little Zombie makes friends with a little boy, but he struggles to understand why his human friend can't just casually take off a limb and reattach it whenever he feels like it. Zombie problems right? 

Genres: Comedy

8. The Demon Who Became My Sister by Pochi Iida

A heart-warming story of how a neglected orphan, Yuu, has been blessed with the offering of a free wish by a demon, and he simply asks her to become his older sister, as his fondest memories are of his older sister. It's the story of this demon taking care of the boy, and the relationship between the two of them! 

Genres: Ecchi, Romance, Horror & Supernatural

9. Hatsu*Haru by Shizuki Fujisawa

During its early stage, it's hard to notice it. During its intermediate stage, it's still difficult to discern it. It hurts. It makes you cry. That's right—this is what you call "First Love." The most popular guy in the school falls in love for the first time in his life, let's see how this story unfolds!

Genres: Shoujo, Romance & School

10. Baccano! by Shinta Fujimoto

Aboard the Advenna Avis in 1711, a group of alchemists summon a demon in the hopes of gaining eternal life. The demon gives them an elixir of immortality and the method of ending their existence by "devouring" one another. Soon after, one among them begins to devour his companions. Realizing the danger posed by staying together, they scatter across the globe.

Centuries later in 1930's America, a certain federal investigator tries his best to combat the rise of organized crime during Prohibition, send a particularly infuriating terrorist to Alcatraz, and catch an outrageous thief duo. Meanwhile, the transcontinental train, the Flying Pussyfoot, begins its trail of blood across the country.

In 2002, a small group of the original Advenna Avis alchemists are on a journey to find the rest of their fellow immortals. However, there is one companion they did not expect to meet again.

Seemingly unrelated events, from a sleepy Italian city in the early 1700's to a modern luxury cruise ship traveling across the Pacific, reveal themselves to be far more connected than anyone could imagine...

Genres: Action, Mystery & Fantasy

11. Stupid Love Comedy by Shushushu Sakurai

Sakura Suzu is a rookie shoujo mangaka who doesn't seem to meet success. One day, her editor who has worked with her since her debut is transferred. The new editor in charge is a handsome guy who used to work in the seinen department. It's love at first sight for Sakura but he doesn't think the same...

Genres: Comedy, Romance & Shoujo

12. Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts by Yu Tomofuji

Saliphie is the 99th female human sacrifice to be eaten for the King of the Beast and Demons, but despite that she is not in the least afraid since she has never had a family nor a home to lose, so she takes a positive attitude and no longer worries about being eaten.

The King finds her amusing and lets her stay by his side until the time of her death. This leads her to find out the truth about the King of the Beast and Demons, and she ends up as the King's Consort despite being a female human. This leads other beasts and demons to be mad, but the king being powerful enough they shut up.

This is how Saliphie turns to be the first human queen of the demons and beasts.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance & Shoujo!

Look at Yen press giving us The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast in manga form! Next up, Yen Press announced some exciting digital titles! These will be released in digital form only, and there's no word on whether they'll be released in print! I know we all like to have our collections with all the volumes lined up and everything but digital releases do have the advantage of not taking up too much room! 

1. Tokyo Ravens by Atsushi Suzumi

An Onmyodo School Fantasy of a Failing Private Onmyo Academy Student!!

Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into a prestigious Onmyoji family, but he can't see "spirit energy." Therefore, he's been enjoying a peaceful daily life with his friends at an Onmyo branch school. One day, his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume, heir to the head family, suddenly appears. Will this cause his destiny spring into motion!?

This manga is based on a light novel series by Sumihei! 

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, School & Supernatural


After a long and treacherous journey, our Hero finally arrives at the Dark Lady's castle only to find himself being asked for help. The Hero explains how the war that the demons have brought upon the humans have killed thousands and put more in misery. The queen of demons however argues that this war has made the human society band together as one and showed empirical evidence how it has increased population, increased production, boosted economy and improved society overall. Furthermore, she explains to the Hero that ending this war will result in a civil war that will produce more bloodshed than there ever was. The Hero, convinced that the only way to bring peace, relatively speaking, is to join forces with the Dark Lady, agrees to help with her plans!

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy & Fantasy

3. Baka and Test by Mo-suke Mattaku and Yumeuta

The story centers around Akihisa Yoshii, the "baka" of the title. His academy rigidly divides up the student body into classes based on the results of tests. The prodigies are in the A class with reclining seats complete with air conditioning, but Akihisa is in F class, the lowest rung of the school ladder which is furnished only with low, decrepit tables and worn out straw tatami mats. A girl named Mizuki Himeji is actually one of the smartest girls in Akihisa's sophomore year, but she had a fever on test day and was pigeonholed in to the F class. Besides Mizuki (who Akihisa secretly adores), the F class also has Yuuji Sakamoto, the class president who has been Akihisa's friend and partner-in-crime since the freshmen year. 

The school happens to have developed experiments to summon fantasy creatures, and Akihisa decides to rally F class to take on the higher-tiered classes and seize their perks. The F class uses the summoned creatures in an all-out battle for school supremacy. 

Based on the light novel by Kenji Inoue and Yui Haga! 

Genres: Comedy, Romance & School!

4. Now Playing by Hifumi

Shinonome Azuma hasn't made any friends in high school, and his classmates pick on him and get him to do lots of work for the classroom. One day, he runs into a transfer student, Saionji Sai, who says he is a director from his former school's club, and who convinces Azuma to join the theater club with him. After joining the quirky theater club, timid Azuma's life will never be the same!

Genres: School

5. Thou Shalt Not Die by Taro Yoko and Daisuke Moriyama

In the future, supernatural powers not only exist but have become science fact. The "Special Abilities Private High School" is established in order to utilize students' powers for the military. Students are roped onto the battlefield without knowing the meaning of the fight, whether it will save their lives... or spell their demise.

Genres: Action, Drama & School

6. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun by Iro Aida

Okay, so there's genuinely no information on this anywhere that I can find, unless I missed it! Keep an eye out on Yen Press for more information! 

What I did gather from the panel was that in this manga, there's a legend that if you go to the school toilets and knock three times and call her name she'll come and grant you a wish. Problem is....this time a cute boy popped up and his name is Hanako and the girls wish is to make her love come true and he doesn't have any idea of how to make that happen. It's supposed to be very funny! 

Genres: School & Supernatural

7. Kuzumi-kun Can't You Read the Room by Mosuko

Erika Sakura is the school's most popular female high schooler, and only met with envious gazes since she is out of everyone's league. However, she is recently interested in a certain male high schooler who can't read between the lines, Kuzumi. While having a relationship between the two is out of the question, her unrequited love will soon change in this romantic comedy. Follow this new inevitably heart pounding, out-of-contact short love comedy! 

Genres: Comedy, Romance & School!

There's also a couple of manga that are going to be released digitally at the same time as in Japan! So Simulpubs basically! 

1. Goblin Slayer Year One

All I can tell you guys about this one is that it's a prequel to Goblin Slayer and it's going to be available in September! I know it's a backstory and I'm assuming it's the backstory to the Goblin Slayer himself! Keep an eye on Yen Press for more information!

Genres: Action & Fantasy

2. Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger by Hazuki Minase

Scoring a job at Square Enix, Sasaki Shogo's dream of producing a Final Fantasy game finally seems within his grasp! But after he starts, he quickly discovers that the work has nothing to do with his favorite franchise at all… Disillusioned, his enthusiasm for FF begins waning despite his sister/co-worker Yuko's attempts to lift his spirits. Their conversation is cut short, though, when a runaway truck suddenly careens toward the two of them!

When Shogo comes to, the first thing he sees is... a Moogle?! Wait, was that a Cure spell? And chocobos?! Hurled into a Final Fantasy world unbound to any particular installment, how will an uber-fan like Shogo survive?!

Genres: Fantasy

And finally we have the brand new light novels that have been licensed! They're quite an interesting bunch, I have to say! 

1. Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now I Wander the Dungeon by Hirukuma & Illustrated by Itsuwa Kato

He, who was an authentic Vending Machine maniac, died from a traffic accident while protecting a vending machine. He, who had expected that his life was finished, woke up in a lakeshore surrounded by abundant nature. He didn’t understand what had happened to himself. He only knew that he had become a vending machine, alone in the labyrinth of another world. As he wanders alone, he met a lonely girl, and which caused the drastic change to the world! 

Genres: Fantasy

2. The Hero and His Elf Bride Open a Pizza Parlor by Kaya Kizaki & Illustrated by Shiso

Our main character gets hit by a pizza delivery guy on a bike and upon reaching the other world he gets hit with three choices. Become a master swordsman, become a wizard or.....become a pizza chef. It's apparently a very funny take on a funny situation! The art and title have definitely intrigued me, and Yen Press will be releasing this in Spring 2018!

Genres: Fantasy

3. I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years by Kisetsu Morita & Illustrated by Dontsugel

This one has no information online that I could find, so all I've got for you guys is what I heard from the panel! It's certainly got an interesting title and eye catching cover, but it sounds like fun too! 

A very hard working office worker dies from, you know, too much work. And when she's reborn she decides to take it killing the weakest thing there is...slime. After doing it for 300 years it turns out you get really powerful, really gradually. So she's got a ridiculous amount of power just from killing lowly slime! 

Genres: Comedy & Fantasy

4. A Sister's All You Need by Yomi Hirasaka & Illustrated by Kantoku

This is the story about the daily life of a young siscon novelist, Itsuki Hashima with his perfect little sister Chihiro, the genius illustrator Nayuta Kani, his best friend Shirakawa Kyoto and some insane partners from his publishers.

Genres: Comedy & Romance

5. Goblin Slayer Year One

Yep, we're getting the light novel of the prequel too! This one's coming out next year though, so we'll get the manga first if you read the manga digitally!

And then there was the last announcement. The announcement that had me screeching and jumping up and down. Even though it's probably going to cost me an arm and a leg to ship here to the UK if it's not available here.... 


An incredibly stunning box set of Pandora Hearts...but not just any box set. It's going to cost $230, it's a deluxe repackaged box..and it's limited edition. The box will have all 24 volumes repackaged in to 8 omnibuses. So volumes are being doubled up basically! They'll be oversized trade paperbacks with the original illustrations! And we're talking the original colour illustrations from the magazine!  The covers are amazing! We've got block colour covers that are die cut to show a character through a window and it looks like there's some gold trim to them! I mean...they look super fancy and fit with Pandora Hearts so well!

And that's just the volumes...the box itself is equally stunning featuring coloured illustrations of the characters and metal seriously looks stunning! 

It's going to be out in November but it's been reiterated that it's going to be super, super limited so once it goes need to get it! I'm fully counting on donating a spare internal organ to ship it here...I can't miss it! 


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