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2016 Classics Challenge: February

Hey guys! 
Another month, another classic down and I'm still going strong. I know we're only two in, but I haven't had to DNF one yet! I'm pretty proud of that. I've answered some questions below, and there's a video that has aaallll my thoughts about Wuthering Heights because this book was a tricky one for me! 

EDIT: I've worked out what my problem with the book was, like I say in the video, I expected Cathy to narrate and it to be all about her and Heathcliff, but more than that I expected a romance between the two and we see the romance grow and I knew revenge was involved but I was thinking more along the "Oh I was going to make her fall in love with me and then break her heart" kind you know? Wuthering Heights, is not that. I wouldn't even class this as a romance, and like I say in the's dark and gothic, but I'm not entirely sure I can class it as a horror? Can I? I wish I'd realised this when I was filming the bloody video. I enjoyed the book because of all the drama and there where so many horrifying parts that I couldn't tear my eyes away from, and horrendous characters, and abuse and so on, it gripped you. So I enjoyed it but this is me realising what made me go "hold on.....what though?"

ANYWAY, it's time for me to answer some questions about the book! I'll answer them to the best of my ability, but bearing in mind here I'm no expert on Classics and all that jazz. 

When I Discovered This Classic

When did I discover this Classic? How could I not with that bloody song *shudder* still going strong when I was a child. I remember seeing the video on like VH1 one Saturday when I was younger, and asking about the song because I thought it was weird, and being told it was based on a book. I was too young at that point to investigate further! If you're lucky enough to be sitting there asking me what song I'm talking about....if you really, REALLY want to know....ENJOY!

Why I Chose To Read It

It was between this and Pride & Prejudice for my January Classic for starters and seeing as it lost I thought I'd do it for February! 
It's also one of the classics that I consider to be one of the "big ones", one of the most well known and loved by everyone, and I was curious about it! 

What Makes It A Classic

I suck at answering this question, I'm not going to lie. I'm really not sure. Maybe because of the writing and the descriptions, or because of the grippingly awful characters, or because of how dark it is with a heavy dose of gothic. Everyone I know seems obsessed with the romance of this and I'm not entirely too sure why so I hesitate to include it as a reason, although Cathy and Heathcliff where what drew me in and intrigued me and kept me reading when I was completely confused at the beginning by the legions of characters. I think the book also surprises people (I can't be the only one who was surprised) and gets people talking which will keep people interested in it and curious about it, because people go in (some people anyway) expecting a romance, and they get an intense and dark book with a lot of emotion in it. 

What I Thought Of This Classic

Will It Stay A Classic

I can't see it not being because it's so unusual, like I said, people expect one thing and get another with a lot of unexpected things thrown in. People will always talk about that and the darker aspects of the book, the emotional and physical abuse that's in abundance, the intense emotions the characters feel, the cast of horrible characters, it all gets readers talking for different reasons. I also think people will continue to be intrigued by them and want to find out what the deal is with them, even though they weren't what I was expecting, they where memorable because of that, I mean no-ones going to forget Heathcliff and his atrocious behaviour anytime soon. 

Who I'd Recommend It To

This is tricky because as I've realised, this is not a romance, and I'm not sure if I can get away with calling it a horror story either. People who like dark and gothic literature for sure! It being the only Bronte book I've read so far, I'd recommend it if you want to see what the Bronte's writing and books are like. Not to mention the people just plain curious because they've heard about Cathy and Heathcliff or ya know...have that song haunting them. 

Let me know what you thought of Wuthering Heights below, if you've read it! As you all know, I'm super indecisive, so below is a nice little poll with a few options for my March Classic! 
It's my birthday month and so, if I picked some options that I fancy and that are either short or more modern than the other classics so far! Heeellppp meeeee choose! 

Which Classic Should I Read In March?

To Kill A Mockingbird
The Scarlet Letter
Peter Pan
Around The World in 80 Days
The Lost World
personality test

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