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The Wicked Awakening Of Anne Merchant

The Wicked Awakening Of Anne Merchant
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher!
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Kicking off right where the first book ended, Teddy has brought Anne back to the island where there's a new Headmaster, one who's got plans with Mephisto to create a college, a college that's tuition is going to cost a hefty price. Ben has the joy of having his ex Garnet as a Guardian, and he doesn't want to fight at all in the Big V. Anne has to change that, even if it means changing things between them, and changing herself to make sure he wins, she has to become what she really is, and embrace her'll see.

Oh my God. I can't even. I got sent this by the publisher all the way from the US and I honestly can't thank them enough! The email about it brightened my day and when I received the book the other day? Day made. I even got a cool Cania Christy patch! So, I literally got the book yesterday, and I read it today, which is probably a few weeks past whenever you guys actually read this, because blog schedule and everything! But still. I finished this in a matter of hours and I have never been more tense reading a book in my life!

Much like with the first book, I was kept guessing until the end, and while I usually love that, I hate that in these books because I'm so on edge when I'm reading and I'm almost afraid to turn the page and see what happens next! The revelations in this book? Didn't see them coming, and boy are they shocking!

There is literally so much revealed, and just thrown out there that makes you go ".....oh...okay" and then you freak out. Anne's....heritage? Not what I had been expecting or assuming or anything. Anne in this book fully embraces the darkness of her soul to save Ben, because everything she does is about Ben, and we see an entirely different side to Anne what with the darkness and everything, it was kinda cool and kinda like "Noooo Anne!"

Anne in this book was so awesome, despite the darkness and everything, her plan is crazy and complicated and you're drawn right in to it with her, you can feel the weight Anne must have on her shoulders like it's a real thing because she has so many people relying on her after she makes all these promises and the book is a roller coaster. I loved Anne and I loved watching her kind of step up to try and save everyone, I feel like she's grown as a character!

Pilot was back, he's kind of awesome in this book, I felt a tad sorry for him, what with knowing the truth, but being outranked and not allowed to tell Anne but even then at the end he was trying to let her know something was wrong and she'd been played. I mean I was right there with Anne, I thought she'd been betrayed and I was like "Shit, how can I be so wrong about a character?!" and so when it was revealed who was Dorian? Not expecting it. So sad. I loved that character!

Molly is also back, and I pure loved her in the first book, as anyone who read the review knows, and then she popped back up, and she was her usual awesome self, and then she turned out to be even more awesome because of what she'd been...uuuhh...doing? I can't say much, you'll know what I mean when you read the book and find out what's reallllyy going on!

Ben and Anne's relationship I continue to enjoy, even when he supposedly hates her he's still lurking about and dreaming about her and it's kind of cute! There where a few new characters, and I loved how the entire time, you're not sure who to trust, who's on the right side, what these characters are up to. You totally make a call about a character and then you're wrong and it's a true whirlwind of emotion.

I found it so easy to slip back in to the world, like I said about the first book, the world building is fantastic, that's why it's so easy to slip  back in to the world, picturing everything as if you never left it, and the atmosphere is pretty much a real thing, you can feel the tension, the distrust, the danger and the creepiness oozing off the page. I literally picked the book up and fell straight back in to the story as if I had never been away from it!

Some things where dealt with and everything, but there's still more to be got out of this story to end it properly, so it's just as well this is a trilogy and there's another book! I love the mystery, I love how you're in the same boat as Anne trying to work other characters out, I love how the plot twists and turns keeping you guessing and I love how I totally called this as being a popular series, I mean, it's unique, it's different, and it leaves you wanting more! Roll on book three!

And again, thank you so much to the publisher for sending me this and the patch, and I would really love to hug you for that!

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