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Manga: School of Horns 2

School of Horns Vol 2 
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Though self-conscious at first about his small horns, Eru has been able to open up his heart to his roommate, Rihito. But now, Eru has caught the attention of Rihito's genius and dangerous cousin, Haruto - who's trying to make Eru his servant?! 

This second volume is the final volume in this little duology, and this is another two volume series that makes me disappointed it's only two! 

Our sweet, naive Eru is under the impression that Haruto is doing everything he's doing to be friends with Rihito...and on some level perhaps he is but at the same time, Eru is in his way. Eru had literally just started to bond with Rihito and get on with him, and Rihito has just started to accept him so of course Haruto making Eru his slave in this volume throws a spanner in the works. 

I was kind of despairing about how all this would get solved, Eru's only plan was to become friends with Haruto and change him...but we all know Eru is bad with people. So it's lucky that we have Reo. Reo is the true MVP of this volume, with the plan to fix it all, involving an escape game. 

I liked getting to see Eru, Rihito and Haruto bond a little as they worked together, and Haruto proving he's capable of not being a jerk for two seconds. Plus we see a more serious side to Rihito. After he joined their little group, Haruto did have me on edge waiting for him to play up again though. 

We also got to see some more of Mone, and it turns out she has a sister. I enjoyed getting some more insight in to her character and her family, as well as her relationship with them. Of course, I'd love to explore all of the characters more, if this series was longer, but for two volumes we do get a nice amount of background to the characters. 

One thing I've really enjoyed across both volumes is getting to see the contrast between Eru and Rihito at the beginning of this story, and then at the end here in the final volume, via a similar scene to what we saw in the first volume. Not only has Eru grown as a character, but so has Rihito. 

This has been a fun little series, with an interesting concept although I'd have liked to explore it more and seen more adventures with the characters. This final volume rounds things out and wraps them up nicely, although I'm sad this is the end of it! However, the story of friendship and self growth has been well told and satisfyingly finished. 

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