Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Manga: Eden's Zero 2

Eden's Zero Vol 2 
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher, in exchange for an honest review! 

Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy have gone to the planet Norma in the hopes of getting a bigger ship from an old friend, Professor Weisz. But when they get there, they see outdated technology and an unfamiliar city...and the only sign of the professor is a mysterious young man going by the same name. What's more, he's gotten himself into some trouble with the toughest gang on the planet--and neither side is going down without a fight! 

We have immediate intrigue from the beginning as we meet our narrator, before we head in to some action and it's not long before we see what the opening page meant when it said "time has no meaning". It's an interesting twist, I'll give it that, and I wasn't expecting it. Whether or not it was just a convenience for the volume to give us another character for our crew, or whether it has a larger part to play remains to be seen. 

Throughout this volume we get to know Weisz who is the latest member of our little group, along with a little robot called Pino! They should be interesting additions to the crew, because Weisz is kind of a scumbag, but he's not all bad? You could say. 

There's a nice amount of action as they're running from a gang and then having to stop the gangs evil plan, and there's the time element and then we have to fight some aliens. We finally get to meet the space pirates properly, as our characters come in to contact with Elsie Crimson. I actually quite liked her and I'm kind of hoping that we get to see some more of her! I was a little bit disappointed she didn't join our main group! 

She does provide us with a few more interesting twists, there's some connections to Shiki's grandfather, an interesting tidbit about Mother, we meet Elsie's nemesis Justice who's with the Cosmic Government and hunting her down, and I'm so looking forward to more of that too! Plus the final page leaves us with a hint of a new character that we'll be meeting in volume 3, I assume! 

Volume two has a nice balance of action, intrigue, heartwarming and emotional moments, and plot progression as we gather some new crew members and bring in a few new elements while moving things in to place to head off on our quest. This is presumably the final volume focusing on the world building, and introducing us to the characters before the story really kicks off next volume! 

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