Thursday, 24 May 2018

Review: Wyntertide

Rating: 3/5
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The town of Rotherweird, made independent from the rest of England by Queen Elizabeth I, has resumed its abnormal normality after a happy ending to the travails of summer.
But is it really all over?
Disturbing omens multiply: a funeral delivers a cryptic warning; an ancient portrait speaks; the Herald disappears - and democracy threatens the covenant between town and countryside. An intricate plot, centuries in the making, is on the move.
Everything is pointing to one objective: the resurrection of Rotherweird's dark Elizabethan past, and to one date: the Winter Equinox.
In Rotherweird, nothing and nobody are quite what they seem. 
Okay, so, I really enjoyed Rotherweird when I reviewed it, it was weird and wonderful and really hooked me in with the mystery and I was excited to see what was going to happen next as this one carries on from the end of Rotherweird. 
We switched between the present and the "old history" and I found the old history particularly fascinating. We once again had multi POV's which kept it interesting for the most part. We had another weird and wonderful mystery and we're left with quite the cliffhanger. 
However, this one was a lot harder to read than the previous book. I found the book dragging a lot, and I wasn't being sucked in to it quite as much as with Rotherweird. One of the reasons for that, is that I kept getting the characters confused. There are so many characters who's names begin with F and I couldn't keep them all straight. 
While I was intrigued by the mystery and was determined to finish because of it...I felt that a lot of this book was just....nothing happening. I was hoping for a lot more than this book delivered, I was just bored for a large chunk of the book and things didn't start to get really interesting until the end of the book. Overall this book was quite disappointing, but I'm expecting things to be a lot better in the next, and final book. 

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