Monday, 7 May 2018

Manga: The Heroic Legend of Arslan 8

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol 8
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The decisive battle between Arslan and Gadhevi has finally begun. Believing that he has the Parsian army isolated, Gadhevi sends his main forces against Rajendra in hopes of destroying the alliance between him and Arslan once and for all. However, the Parsians outsmart their enemies once again and join the battle just in time to turn the tables on Gadhevi. But when King Karikala regains consciousness, what will become of the two feuding brothers, and what will this mean for Arslan and Pars? 

I continue to love the art style and the way some of the expressions on the characters are drawn, I have to say! Some of them don't half make me chuckle! This volume has a fast pace with an excellently drawn battle that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with surprises popping up out of nowhere as Arslan and co face down Gadhevi....who really is such an arse let's be honest. 

Jaswant is back and I'm excited to see how he fits in with the group if he decides to join them! Daryun also has to fight against a monster for Rajendra as his proxy in a battle for the throne against Gadhevi, which makes for quite the tense situation as Daryun might not be as indestructible as we all think he is. Gadhevi might be an arse, and Rajendra is still, at least for me, kind of untrustworthy...but I do like their father. Poor guy. 

I have to say, there was a really nice moment in this volume, there's one heartbreaking scene towards the end that allows you to see the parallels between Jaswant and Arslan as characters. Arslan makes him an offer and while we're left hanging on his answer, I've seen the anime so I know what his answer is but there is the odd chance things could differ! I do like to see he and Arslan working together though. 

Salima is most certainly up to something but I don't know what...perhaps trying to secure her position? She wasn't in the anime so she's an unknown quantity to me, but she's certainly adding an interesting and unpredictable element to the story! I'm wondering if we'll get to see more of her now....I'd be quite excited to as well! 

One chapter has mostly come to a close with this volume, so it'll be interesting to see where this adventure takes us next. While it is largely following the anime, there's been quite a few differences so far so I'm not actually sure what to expect next! This is another excellent volume, with the action, humour and fantastic characters we love so much! 

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