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Review: Today's Cerberus Vol 4

Today's Cerberus Vol 4
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Supernatural beings aren't the only ones drawn to Chiaki: A blast from his past drops by unexpectedly...and claims to be his fiancée?! When Minnie blows into town, Roze is forced to confront her own feelings for Chiaki. But is she willing to sacrifice her affections for a chance to reclaim the missing piece of Chiaki's soul...?

I'm really loving this series because it's a lot of fun, it makes me laugh and it has a fair bit of mythology to it and this volume didn't let me down in that aspect at all! I even feel like it might take a more serious turn, but don't panic guys! I'm fairly sure it'll still keep the humour up! 

I have to say, Jormungand is definitely up to something and curious as to what that is, although I'm excited she'll be sticking around a bit longer and I'm hoping some of the others might pop back up! I'm even feeling a bit suspicious of Chiaki's mysterious Dad in this volume as Minnie's off to update him on Chiaki. 

With Minnie's departure, we get more of Komone which was really nice for me because I quite like her and I was disappointed we didn't get as much of her with Minnie there. I'm not going to lie, I'm really rooting for her! I'm also rooting for Roze because she is determined to stick up for herself in this book and I was like YAAAS ROZE YOU TELL HER! 

I was excited to meet Chihiro, Chiaki's older sister properly in this volume, it'd be nice to see more of her because I have a feeling she'd stir things up a bit and make it interesting! Particularly with the romance situation that's going on. And speaking of, I feel like the romance is really stepping up a bit in this volume, especially after the end of this volume! I was sitting there like NO WAY! She said the thing! Oh my GOOOOD! And there's a date too! Although the two aren't really related! 

We get a new 'monster' in this volume, a fox spirit, which made for some interesting reactions and I'm enjoying getting a new monster each volume, and waiting to see what one it is! It reminds me of the old Supernatural episodes with the monster of the week type thing going on...except there's more romance and humour in Today's Cerberus...and Today's Cerberus has cuter monsters. 

Today's Cerberus Volume 4 continues to have cute artwork, and it moves at a nice pace stepping up the romance and throwing in some intriguing plot threads to the narrative. I'm waiting to see what's going to happen everything is going to turn out and what surprises are in store. The romance is stepping up and I'm interested to see where that will go, but I'm enjoying the fact we have monsters and mysteries and other things going on with it. I'm also excited to see if I'm right and this is going to take a more serious turn...but we'll see! 

I just really love reading Today's Cerberus, it's a mood lifter! The combination of cute, humour and other things just picks your mood up and puts you in a good place when you read it! 

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