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Manga: Karneval Vol 7

Karneval Omnibus Vol 7 
Rating: 5/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy! 
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

At Yanari's party, Nai and the crew deepen their friendships and experience the warmth that comes of supporting and encouraging one another. Upon their return to the 2nd Ship, Gareki is summoned to meet with a stranger, who has come aboard disguised as a tree...?!
But back at Chronomé Academy, Kafka launches an attack, sending a swarm of Varuga to lay siege to the prestigious school. And when Tsubame attempts to protect her friends...she ends up a hostage herself! With Gareki back on board the 2nd Ship, who will come to her rescue?!

Karneval is another of my favourite manga series, I ended up falling instantly in love with it and every time a new volume comes out I savour reading it! As far as I'm aware, we can't buy the individual volumes, so the volumes we get are omnibus editions with two volumes in one...a blessing and a curse because yaaaay giant volumes but boooo the wait for each one! 

Karneval has absolutely stunning covers, as well as full colour art pages at the beginning. I love the colour art pages, I need an art book for Karneval so bad! As usual the contents pages has totally cute chibi's of the characters! I'm just so in love with the art and the bright colours for this manga! 

This volume picks up right where the end of 6 (aka 12) finishes, and there's a lot of action in this volume. Like there's a huge battle and so you know....loads of battle scenes for a good portion of this volume and I'm fairly sure it's the most we've seen so far! We get to see how far Gareki has come as well, he's matured a little bit and is willing to let the 2nd ship crew deal with it and keep out of the way. I'm really loving Gareki's character development and I love watching him interact with Nai! We also get to see some change in Tsubame too! 

We got the scene I've been waiting for....Karoku and Gareki interacting with Nai. The three of them together, unsupervised. It was hilarious. Plus it gave me....suspicions. We actually got to see a fair bit of Karoku in this volume! We also get to see more of Tsukitachi and what he can do, and we get to see his power as well as Hirato! I feel like we don't see all that much of Hirato but there was a lot of him in this book and we get to see him and Tsukitachi working together and Hirato's power besides the Banshees. Like we might have seen it way back in volume 1 but it was a while ago and I can't remember. I'm hoping from the ending of this we'll get to see more of him in the next volume too! And Tsukitachi seeing as he orchestrated this vacation for them. 

Speaking of Hirato and Tsukitachi, we get a side story about Akari when he was a professor....and Hirato and Tsukitachi where his students. We get some insight in to the relationship between the three of them and we can see very clearly why Akari hates Hirato :') So like I said...loads of Hirato and Tsukitachi! 

I now officially love Tokitatsu...mostly. I'm still not sure I trust him because I don't know what his motivations are, but I'm not side eyeing him as much anymore! So curious about his relationship with Hirato seeing as they're brothers, Hirato's quite cool towards him. Love him for what he did for Gareki though. 

We get a new character, Keshiki who's with Kafka, and I'm curious about who he is and where he's from and what the deal with him is basically. I *think* he might be one of the original scientists from back in the day but we'll see. 

I've also been fixated on Kafka Karoku saying his brother is with Circus and I had two theories but with last volume one theory got blown out of the water, and I'm assuming Yogi and Karoku looking alike is just a coincidence but thanks to this volume my Yogi theory has been replaced with a new one...Gareki. I just need to know. I need to know what the deal is with the two Karoku's because obviously it's possible the brother he was talking about was Nice Karoku but then there's the thing with Gareki and the cells.....I NEED ANSWERS WAAAAHH. 

As usual with these volumes, there's plenty of extra bits like the side story, the little shorts and so on, I love how jam packed and fun these volumes are! There's a huge plot twist in this volume involving a character from earlier on..like first couple of volumes early and once again...I have two theories but we have to wait until probably next volume to get answers and THEN THERE WAS THE ENDING. Omg. Oh. My. God. Cliffhanger. It's a total cliffhanger and I really can't deal with it on top of all the answers I need to my questions! The wait between volumes is getting more and more brutal! 

Karneval Volume 7 really kicks things up a notch, with new characters coming in to play, Hirato and Tsukitachi becoming more prominent in the story, and the plot twists that are revealed in this volume. There's so much intrigue, and so many questions to be answered it's both fun and frustrating trying to figure it out! This volume features the most action we've seen yet, and I'm curious to see how things are going to play out with Chronomé! 

I continue to really love the art and the drawings and the characters, we get to see more and more of their personalities and their pasts with each new volumes, and I love the banter between all of them! Although Yogi is perhaps my ultimate favourite! I'm still waiting for his story to finish playing out! I love the mix of action with cuteness in this volume, like the art is both gorgeous...and cute. I love it! It's beautiful, colourful, cute, and full of fun, action and intrigue! I don't really know how to properly describe this manga, but it's definitely different from everything else I've read, and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next and where the story is going to go and to FINALLY get some answers! 

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