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Books Are My Bag.....My Favourite Bookshop!

Books Are My Bag are bacckkk! It's launching on October 9th with Big Bookshop Parties on October 11th, and you guys reaaally should get involved, it's great fun!

Books Are My Bag is all about celebrating bookshops, all bookshops, including the lesser spotted Indie Bookshop. Now indie bookshops may not be lesser spotted to some of you guys, but to me it's practically extinct, I haven't been in one in agggesss, although I make a point to do a book crawl around all of the ones in London!

The Campaign even has special tote bags designed by Tracey Emin, I was aware of this as soon as it was announced, I have an art student friend who did a project based on her works so there was screaming and flailing from her, as well as ones similar to last year! But that's not all, October 2nd marks the release of the official book of the Campaign, The Bookshop Book, it's described as a "love letter to bookshops" and is sure to be a treat for all book lovers!

I've always read books, ever since I could actually read by myself, I was the only kid in my year at Primary school on a higher reading level than everyone else, and when I hit Secondary I was the only kid who actually enjoyed reading time, and voluntarily spent time in the library. Not to mention when you had to do that thing in class, where you read out of the book, and I was the only one who didn't stumble over words and ya know....actually enjoyed reading Jane Eyre, Romeo and Juliet, Of Mice And Men and so on.

I'm much more likely to curl up with a blanket and a book on a Friday night when everyone else my age is out partying and my most likely cause of death is "crushed by toppling stacks of books" when my teetering piles eventually fall over. For me, someone who didn't have the best time at school, reading was an escape, I could forget everything for a few hours, and go on an adventure. I pretty much ploughed my way through my Library's kids and then YA section, then had to go to another library. When I feel crappy, a good book is my solution.

I've always felt most comfortable in a bookshop, whenever I go shopping, I always saved the bookshop for last and usually spend at least an hour in there browsing everything. I have never been able to pick just one book, I usually end up buying a stack, going on holiday provided me an excuse for it, but usually I had no excuse whatsoever I just couldn't choose!

For me going in to a bookshop, smelling the new book  smell and really spending time browsing, pulling books out, reading the back, and so on, will always be better than buying online. Whenever I buy books from an actual bookshop I always end up discovering a hidden gem, a book I'd never previously have stumbled across if it hadn't caught my eye. You can't get that online. Bookshops, just as much as books, are comforting to me.

When it comes to my local bookshop, I don't have any indie ones that I'm aware of, there's an oxfam bookshop, a Works, and then there's my favourite bookshop....Waterstones Walton. If there where any independent bookshops, they shut down, much like Borders, my old favourite bookshop, did.

Why am I telling you this? Because BookBridgr has teamed up with Books Are My Bag to get us book bloggers to talk about our favourite bookshop, and hopefully bring more awareness and hype about BAMB!

As I already said, Waterstones Walton is my favourite bookshop, it holds some fond memories of queuing up outside it until midnight to grab the final Harry Potter book, and I'm always reminded of it every time I go there, but that's not why it's my favourite, that's a bonus! While it's the smaller of the Waterstones branch I could feasibly get to, it also has a much...cosier, atmosphere. It's always quiet, there's plenty of natural light and it's such a calm space. It has a great kids section, a decent YA section and a reaaaalllyy good Sci-Fi/Fantasy section that I can't walk past without spotting something. The last time I was in there they had a really cool Lord Of The Rings/Terry Pratchett display with the special editions, that literally destroyed my bank card. Not to mention the Game of Thrones and Leatherbound Classics displays! I love slowly browsing through, and then curling up in the chair between two bookshelves to make my final book  decisions!

I've told you my favourite bookshop, now I want to know YOURS! Pop it in the comments below!

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Books Are My Bag are currently hosting #bookadayuk

Because my rambling probably didn't explain it the best, head to for more info on the Campaign!

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