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A Tithe Of Blood And Ashes

A Tithe Of Blood And Ashes
Rating: 5/5 (DUH)
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It's been 2 months since the events of Blood Moon, and it's exam time for Lucy over at the Helios-Ra academy. It's as she's studying on the way to school that she encounters a Hel-Blar....or 6. But that's not all...there's a mysterious woman in a grey cloak. Luckily for Lucy the really weird stuff waits for her to finish up her exams! How considerate! See the Hel-Blar have taken a shine to our Lucy, and they flock to her, which would probably be flattering if they weren't all blue and stinky. Lucy's about to find out just what exactly her parents have been keeping from her. Maybe it's not just luck that's helped her survive so far.....

.....okay it hasn't REALLY been 84 years since Blood Prophecy and being in the Drake's world but it feels like it okay. Seriously, I don't think anyone can quite understand my intense love for this series. A love that has had me constantly checking Alyxandra's website ever since she mentioned wanting to do a Lucy series. You can imagine my general freaking out-ness when I heard about thiiiiisss!

I love Lucy and Nick, I don't know why exactly, it's probably Lucy's snark and humour that makes her my favourite, I just connect to her so well, but her and Nick are my favourite. Lucy and Nick are at their best and at their most adorable in this next installment, Tithe is the perfect continuation to be honest.

The continuation in narrative is smooth, the story itself fast paced. Reading Tithe you step back in to a world, that for fans of the series has become like a home. It's just as you remember it and just as sucking-in-y. The story is engaging and I so wish it was longer because I honestly can't get enough.

The characters are like old friends you haven't seen in years, and you just slot back in like you've never been away. I really missed all the characters, not just Lucy and Nick but Helena and Hunter and Quinn and Logan and everyone. I really need more of Marcus, Duncan and Sebastian, I'm not going to lie! They where all just as I remembered them and ugh

Moving swiftly on from my many feels, I need to know more about Rosa and Samuel, like all Alyxandra's characters, they where well written and had plenty of depth, so much depth. I need to know what Samuel's deal with magic is, and why his sister is so desperate to protect him, like obviously it's because he's a hunter but like there must be a deeper reason. That and I need another book so I will just theorize accordingly.

I loved the storyline for this installment, I'd never really thought about Lucy and her luck before, and it just slotted in to the series perfectly. There's some interesting lore in this installment as well, that was very fleshed out! Tithe is just as full of humour, action and magic as the other books, and it's hard to figure out what will happen next, I was frantically wondering what the deal was with the stalkery Hel-Blar and totally didn't work it out, which I love!

Now, we all know I can't get enough of this world, this series and these characters, so I'm gonna tell it to you straight. I would really really love another book, a full length one, about Lucy and what she's up to, with the others in it as well obviously. There's so much more to explore, the way I see it. We now have a Lucy that goes invisible when she gets scared, which could be a potential problem! Lucy still hasn't finished training at Helios-Ra, and she hasn't smacked down Jody yet, and that reaaaaaally needs to happen! We need to see more of Sebastian, Marcus and Duncan! Then there's the whole what will Lucy and Nick do regarding making her like him? I can't be the only one not ready to let these characters go!

All in all, Tithe is a fantastically engaging continuation of a well loved series, that has made my day personally, and has left me wanting more!

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