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Manga: Angels of Death 4

Angels of Death Vol 4 
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

So, I can't find a decent synopsis anywhere other than "read the fourth volume of the hotly anticipated series Angels of Death" so I'll attempt to sum up this volume myself! As Zack and Rachel are attempting to fight their way out of the mysterious building, they're still stuck on floor B3, home of Cathy the Prison Guard. Sacrifices are going to have to be made if they want to progress to the next floor, but will they both make it out of floor B3 alive? 

This volume we get to see more of Zack's backstory which serves to give a lot of insight into his mental state and how he thinks, he actually makes quite a lot of sense now. As much as a serial killer can. One particularly interesting aspect of the volume was Rachel trying to understand his feelings, as he's quite on edge after he has his little flashbacks and Cathy uses certain words to bait him on purpose. 

I really liked the way what was going on inside Zack's head was drawn after he injected the drug. He definitely starts to crack up a bit...more than he did before. You can see how he was psychologically damaged by what happened to him as a kid, if you're a Criminal Minds viewer like myself you probably went "aaaaaah I see". It has to be said...Cathy is trying very hard to break their team up. 

In case it wasn't obvious already, there's a lot of focus on Zack this volume as well as his relationship with Rachel. He goes on quite the psychological journey and we really get inside his head. I'm lowkey beginning to think a romance could blossom between Rachel and ZAck, he definitely seems to view her as something but I'm not entirely sure what. But it's more than just the girl he's gonna kill. He had a lot of emphasis on the fact he hoped Rachel needed him for him, which was an interesting bit of information. 

Up until now we've mostly seen Zack looking out for Rachel, but this volume see's that switch as Rachel is kind of looking out for him in her own way. The relationship between the two of them has definitely grown a lot stronger and they seem to have really bonded, or at least gained an understanding of each other. Zack really looks out for her and it's so not for the reasons he usually states. Just saying. 

Their emotions are brilliantly depicted and Zack's emotional development is quite obvious at this point. My boy is more than just slashing people with a scythe. The ending for this volume Talk about a cliffhanger. All I'm saying is if my little serial killer cinnamon roll is dead....I'm out. 

I've also started to develop a theory about Rachel and who she is. But I'm gonna wait and see a bit longer before I say anything! 

This volume see's the danger level rise, and you can see a lot of development for Zack as well as really getting in to his head and coming to understand him. Things get incredibly tense this volume, and we're left with the mother of all cliffhangers. Although there is a nice little Q&A at the back to fill in some more information about the characters and the story. 

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