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Light Novel: Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers 5

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Vol 5
Rating: 4/5
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Having discovered the horrifying truth of the Black Barrenbloom, Adlet makes his way to the Temple of Fate with the other Braves. Unfortunately, Tgurneu's diabolical weapon isn't the only trick up its sleeve, and the heroes are about to learn secrets that could tear the group apart for good... Will they be able to stand strong together? 

Christ this series is going to actually kill me, I swear! It has me so on edge! The opening for the latest volume is both interesting and foreboding...and it confirms Fremy isn't the seventh!? Which leaves us with the question...who is!? Honestly I've been trying to figure out for...well..forever. 

As we rejoin the Braves, Adlet is dealing with Rainer's bomb drop about Fremy. Obviously he has feelings for her and wants to protect her if she doesn't know but if she does...he's going to have to do something although Hans has already stated his intentions on the matter. As they try to figure out what to do about the Black Barrenbloom they come across the Saint of the Single Flower, and throughout the process of them puzzling out what or who the Barrenbloom is we discover how it works and possibly what happened to Fremy. 

We get a lengthy flashback from a fiend that sheds a lot more light on Fremy and her life and how she grew up, as well as filling in some blanks regarding the fiends plan. Things are getting more and more tense as the volumes go on, and this certainly added some intrigue. 

I reached a point in this volume where...while Adlet trying to protect Fremy was cute and wasn't making him look good and I was quite worried the group was going to be torn apart by all of this. Plus I was trying to figure out who the damn seventh is. It's been driving me crazy, everyone keeps alluding to the seventh!? Maybe I'm dumb and missed some clues and hints but I genuinely had no clue, other than suspecting my fave! 

Honestly, this volume made my head hurt trying to figure out who was and wasn't lying. I had the thought that one of our narrators could be a biased narrator, and we probably wouldn't even know it. We'd just go along with them...which just made the plot thicken for me even more and my head hurt even more because that meant no-one was safe from suspicion. 

The one thing I will say...the seventh is finally revealed in this volume and it honestly completely blew my mind. I'm still not over it. On top of that the Braves are slowly but surely being torn apart by the argument over the seventh and we end the volume with them having split in to two factions. So not only do they have to face down the fiends but they're going to have to fight each other as well. 

Volume 5 takes us on one hell of a ride, that's for sure as we build up to what I assume is the big battle and peoples true loyalties and intentions will no doubt be revealed. Just when I didn't think this series could get any better as well! 

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