Thursday, 2 August 2018

Manga: Mermaid Boys 2

Mermaid Boys Vol 2
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Prince Naru is doing the "mermaid in love" thing and has transformed into a human boy in order to be with Nami. But the devilishly handsome mermaid Roa appears! What could he want with Nami? 

Have I mentioned how much I love this series recently? Honestly, I'm living for it and there's even more plot elements brought in with this volume. 

I think we all knewMellow was going to be shady, and his little plan is revealed at the beginning of the volume. Honestly, I should have seen it coming but...praise the lord, there's one mermaid that knows somethings up! Unfortunately she's now completely and utterly screwed herself by the situation she's gotten in to. 

Mellow sends Loa to keep an eye on our boy Naru, and Loa is there for one reason and one reason only. To make Naru's life reaaaaaally difficult. He succeeds at it pretty well too, with Naru's help actually. Naru really doesn't make things easy for himself this volume. Arashi...he still needs to not but it was nice to see Naru get one on over on him for once. It was interesting to see how much of a threat Naru thinks he is, compared to Loa. 

Ryou has me super curious. He and Naru are finally....maybe not friends but at least Allies and I'm so here for it. He seems to be a lot more chilled and enjoying things more thanks to Naru...but at the same time he does seem pretty convinced that he's going to vanish in to sea foam, and Naru is trying to get him to keep a positive mental attitude about it all. I feel like these two really need each other, and I'm looking forward to a bromance between the two of them. 

As for Naru and Nami, they have a nice little moment but Loa swiftly comes between the two of them. Naru really needs to watch what he says but he is freaking hilarious. He can be self centred and Loa's arrival, as well as some advice from Ryou, really has him examining himself and his motivations and actions. As well as his feelings for Nami. 

Luckily things get sorted between them and you can see the feelings and the romance between the two develop a little more in this book. And then Moana shows up. She's a new character, and an acquaintance of the Prince who came looking for him....and she's here to completely turn everything around. 

Volume 2 is fast paced and humorous as always, there's plenty of drama and development in the romance in this volume! Not to mention the cliffhanger ending as we find out just how tangled things have become thanks to Moana. Basically....we should just totally kill Mellow. Then all will be right int he world. 

The volume provides us with two new plot threads. The problem of Mellow and his scheme, and then the problem of Moana. This volume makes it safe to say that Nami has some feelings for Naru at this point, and Moana's arrival should see things from this volume swapped around. Moana is going to instigate some serious drama and I'm actually ready for it. We've seen Naru chasing after Nami, but Moana could mean we see more of Nami and her feelings. 

Either way, this series is getting better and better! 

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