Friday, 3 August 2018

Manga: Angels of Death 3

Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Ray and Zack have arrived at Floor B3, home to the mad prison guard Cathy and her brand of "punishment". Driven into a corner by her many sadistic traps, will Ray and Zack be able to keep their promise to each other...!? 

The colour palette for the cover and the colour pages perfectly matches the tone of the series, I just had to put that out there because this is the third cover in a row that I've loved for this series! Not to mention the character designs! They're still so cute, although we do get to see Zack's scary murderer face...and a new character who's totally creepy too! 

Rachel and Zack hit floor B3 in this volume to face off with Cathy, the cray cray prison guard who's all about punishing criminals. Honestly Rachel and Zack's banter gets funnier every time. They seem to be getting a lot closer, and they really work well as a team! I just can't stop myself from shipping it though! Especially as Zack reveals more and more that maybe, deep down, he does have an actual heart, and feelings. 

Bless him, Zack really doesn't have a great time this volume either, my poor little serial killer cinnamon roll. It seems like he's reaaaaaally hard to kill. Zack is still pretty mysterious to us, but at the end of the volume, we get a glimpse of his past and I'm hoping we'll be seeing more of that next time!

Interestingly things with Cathy aren't over this volume, and we'll be seeing her again in volume four. Up until now, we've had a killer a volume thing going on, and each killer's arc seems to be wrapped up in one, but this time it seems we're going over to two. I'm thinking this is the start of the arcs getting more in depth, and being fleshed out even more. 

As for Cathy...she's totally sadistic, but she does seem to be the more open and honest of them all so far. I mean, she probably thinks she's doing a good thing. Maybe. And her own enjoyment is an added bonus. 

Volume 3 brings us the start of deepening story arcs both for each floors serial killers, but also for our main characters as we start to learn about Zack and his past. It also see's Rachel and Zack becoming more of a team, and we're left with a nice cliffhanger to make us anxious for the next volume! 

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