Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Manga: Sword Oratoria Vol 2

Sword Oratoria Vol 2
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The peerless Sword Princess can't seem to forget the sight of a young boy running away from her. Watching his receding back brings up memories from her own past and she begins to question her sole ideal of devoting everything to become stronger. For the first time ever, is Aiz is a bit troubled by her heart like any normal young girl?? 

Is it wrong of me to say that I'm enjoying Sword Oratoria more than I am the main series? The main series has had a few volumes where nothing much has happened to be honest, but so far Sword Oratoria has been action packed for each volume and I'm loving it! 

As we rejoin Aiz and co, the quest is over and Loki Familia have to sell all their drop items before they head out to celebrate...unfortunately it turns sour thanks to Bete and THAT incident happens. You know...the one where Bell overhears something and gets upset and runs away. Yep. That happens. It's interesting to see it from another perspective, because when you see it from Bell's POV you kind of think one way about the characters, but seeing it from Aiz's you see them in a new light. 

Aiz is kind of struggling with her feelings and dreams of the past, and the others are determined to cheer her up...which means a girls day shopping! Plus Monsterphilia is approaching and of course...something goes wrong. *cue ominous music* 

The art for this series is completely gorgeous, and I really loved how Lefiya's magic and magic circles where drawn in this volume, as well as the backgrounds. I know it's an odd thing for me to focus on, but so often the backgrounds are just kind of...there, it's nice to see backgrounds that have had effort put in to them, and are nicely detailed! 

There's plenty of action to go with the humour this volume, and the Gods...or at least two of them, are definitely up to no good and there's a sense of something shady at the end...but what? I have so many questions and there's so many little plot threads throughout, it's another excellent volume!

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