Monday, 12 February 2018

Manga: Sword Art Online Progressive 6

Sword Art Online Progressive Vol 6 
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The war between elves rages on, with Kirito and Asuna caught in the middle! The forest elves seek the dark elves' Secret Key, but to what end? Though Kirito tries to stay detached, Asuna can't help being swept along for the ride. Kizmel is supposed to be just an NPC, right? But then why does she seem so very human...

Kirito and Asuna finally leave the camp after hooking Asuna up with a veeerrryyy familiar sword *wink wink*, and they head off to a meeting. Hilarity then ensues as the ALS and DKB Guilds decide Asuna and Kirito can't join the same Guild because it'll upset the 'balance of power' and they're worried Kirito will start his own Guild. Like I could have told them that Kirito won't bother with that. Anyway, I love how he was all "I'm the beater, who'd want to join my guild?" and it pans to show Asuna, Agil and some others like "yeah I could go for that". Meanwhile a shadowy figure watching proceedings is revealed to be another familiar face, and let's just say he has the idea of starting a third guild.....

Asuna appears to be coming over all elf and has a distinct disgust for humans in this volume, which was kind of funny. They basically end up heading back to the forest to continue the quest line. But someone's pitting the two guilds against each other and it has to be another Beta tester. 

It was nice to see Argo getting involved in the plan, I actually quite like her! Kirito pretty much has a shadowy little plan/mission of his own that he's been carrying out while we've all been focused on other stuff. He mostly just lurks in the background until it's his time to do his big reveal. There's plenty of action and humour in this volume, as well as some tidbits dropped, not to mention blanks filled in and mystery woven throughout. The big plan is revealed just in time for the end of the volume, as the battle kicks off! 

I really do like how little details and background information is being filled in while still giving us new content to go with the old, there's so many connections to be put together! There's also more of a focus on Asuna, which is nice! Don't get me wrong, Kirito is still in there too, but a lot of the time he's like a shadowy presence in the back. 

We get a cool little bonus manga that's a collab with the governments cybersecurity awareness month project which was a fun little addition! 

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