Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Manga: Is It Wrong Vol 7

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Vol 7
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Bell finally reaches the 11th level of the Dungeon to face his fated opponent--the monster responsible for his humiliation, the Minotaur. The memories of his flight and his failure assault him even as he confronts the deadly beast. Will the heroic drive that Aiz Wallenstein inspired within him be enough to defeat the Minotaur? Maybe, maybe not, but either way he's going to need some help from a new friend... 

I don't know what it is about this manga that has me loving it so much...whether it's all the Gods and Goddesses and the way mythology is woven in to it in little ways, or if it's innocent little Bell, battling his way through the dungeon and trying to become a hero. Either way I find myself completely hooked on this series! 

As we come in to Volume 7, Bell has levelled up and now he gets his own nickname...wahooo! Unfortunately for him it's not the most badass but still...at least he has one! One of the interesting things about this volume is that we got some more of Bell's backstory! I'm so intrigued by him, and his past and where he's from. Perhaps there's more information on this in the light novel, but so far in the manga we've been getting tidbits here and there and he's kind of a mystery. I feel like in this volume he really comes in to his own. He's levelled up, he's got some power and he's hitting further and further in to the dungeons. 

He's also getting his own team which means we get a new character! Welf is a smith and he's one of my favourite characters now, I'm not going to lie! I liked him instantly, and he has an intriguing family history and backstory to him that I'm looking forward to learning more about. I'm really loving how well he's fitted in with Bell and Lili! They work well together, and their teamwork is coming on strong, I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress and seeing them come together more and more and interact more. 

On the Freya front, Loki finally delivers a warning to Hestia about her, and I'm waiting for that whole thing to play out! I'm not sure if Hestia and Loki are on to her just yet or if they just suspect what she might be up to but I'm waiting to see what happens with this particular story arc. I can't decide if I like Loki or not! I do really like her familia though! More Bete please! 

There's a nice balance of action and intrigue in this volume, we get to see what Bells new skill is about as he tests out his skills in a lower dungeon level with his team. The intrigue is courtesy of Freya, and the new God on the block, Hermes. Yep, Hermes shows up at the end of the volume, just in time to no doubt cause some trouble in the next volume. We leave Bell just as he's about to venture further in to the dungeons. I'm not going to lie, I found volume 5 to be a bit lack lustre and boring but with volume 6 and this new volume I feel like things are picking up again and the story's getting back to it's great pace and mix of adventure, action and intrigue! 

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