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Manga: Rokka Braves Of The Six Flowers Vol 2

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Vol 2
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

After barging into the Piena Kingdom's holy tournament and causing a scene, Adlet was curtly jailed and, soon after, met the princess Nashetania. Though Adlet was viewed as unfit and unworthy by his fellow man, the Spirit of Fate bestowed upon Adlet the proof that he was one of the chosen Braves of the Six Flowers. But cornered by his fellow Braves who believe he is a traitor, Adlet must prove his innocence and find the true imposter before his companions play right into the enemy's hands. 

I have to say, I am loving this series! I recently read and reviewed the light novel version which finished up this arc so I was curious to see how the manga would handle it. When I reviewed the light novel, I noticed some differences straight off the bat, and some of the differences are made up for in this volume of the manga! 

We start the volume off with a flashback that's actually the opening of the light novel and I really liked how it was incorporated in to the narrative! The same can be said for the flashbacks to baby Adlet and his past. I was really impressed with how they merged with the main narrative and how they where drawn. They all worked really nicely, and where slotted in at the perfect moments. 

The suspicion and tension isn't as strong as it is in the light novel, but it's still present, and certain characters start to look miiiighty suspicious in this volume! Chamo still bugs me, I jus really don't like her character, but I LOVE the broship between Adlet and Hans. They genuinely crack me up and I love it when they team up! They're kinda tied for favourite character, I'm not going to lie! 

The plot is starting to thicken in this volume, and more characters are thrown in to suspicion as Adlet and Hans work together to try to figure out who the fake Brave is...but there's some interference. I really enjoy the art to the manga, and I think this volume steps it up a lot! There was a lot happening in the first volume and a couple moments of confusion, but in this volume the manga really starts to come in to it's own! I like the differences between the light novel and how the manga is using them to create more intrigue, and to help you get to know the characters. Like with Adlet....I was mildly suspicious of him in the first volume of the manga, but after seeing the flashbacks I'm like "Naaaahhh Adlet's the real deal!". I feel like the flashbacks here in the manga, bring Adlet more to to life as well. 

I'm really loving this adaption of the light novel, it really brings the characters to life, and adds another dimension to the story. I'm so intrigued to see how the rest of the light novel is going to play out in manga form! Rokka is a brilliant blend of action, adventure and mystery....and we're talking old school mystery with plenty of suspects and a nefarious plot!

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