Saturday, 5 November 2016

Blog Tour: Cornelia's Notebooks

Hey guys! 
Today I'm participating in a blog tour for Cornelia Funke, author of Inkheart, and more recently, the Reckless series! The third book in the series, The Golden Yarn, was out yesterday, November 4th with Pushkin Press and we're doing a blog tour to celebrate! Obviously....

Anyway, for todays stop, the author herself has stopped by my little old blog to talk to you guys about her notebooks, where the writing/book creating magic happens! 

I owe the fact, that I write my first drafts into A4 notebooks to the Madagascan rain forest. I spent a holiday there with my two children and felt very absurd opening a computer while lemurs were swinging from branch to branch above me. So…I began to write into the notebook I had brought. I enjoyed it so vastly, that since then all my ideas and first thoughts for a book go into one, along with sketches of characters and magical objects, clippings of images, texts and old photos, post its with chapter ideas, revised and typed drafts and whatever inspires a story I am working on. By now I have filled three fire proof boxes with these books and they are my greatest treasure. They gave me back a playfulness we so easily loose when a computer screen makes us believe our first draft is already printable. I always keep the left page empty to add passages, thoughts, questions or a sketch of someone the words can’t quite grasp yet.  And I tell young writers to copy me and start trusting their hand and a pen to open the door to a new story.  My friends at the Getty Research Institute are very grateful for such advice, as notebooks make much more inspiring collectibles than computer files. 

Pretty cool, right guys!? Considering NaNo is going on right now, I'm thinking some of you might find this an interesting way to help you write! You're welcome :) 

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