Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wishing For Wednesday #92

Happy Wednesday guys! 
I've been shockingly bad at keeping up with this because I usually schedule them in advance but I've been so busy and so scatter brained that I've been forgetting to do it each week and haven't had time to do the month in advance! But I'm all back to normal now...hopefully! 
First up is the final book (I think) in a trilogy of books that I completely love and while I'm excited for this characters story, I'm also gutted it's over! 
Second up is a completely awesome sounding fantasy that I stumbled across on GoodReads, I spend way too much time on there! It's being described as a "swashbuckling adventure with a dark side for fans of George R R Martin and Naomi Novik" which sounds pretty damn awesome, am I right!? 

Summer Shadows

Amongst the secret and lies, will love survive? Summer lives under a terrible shadow. It drains her, manipulates her and threatens to steal her future. A high-stakes mission offers a temporary escape. She must use her mind-shadowing abilities to hunt down her target and find the truth. Hal Robinson is a soldier. He does not get distracted. He wins. But what Hal wants begins to shift once he meets Summer. They must learn to trust each other if they are going to protect the Savant community. But will their secrets allow them to find a happy ending of their own?

Summer Shadows is out July 1st, pre-order your
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The Dragon Round

He only wanted justice. Instead he got revenge.
Jeryon has been the captain of the Comber for over a decade. He knows the rules. He likes the rules. But not everyone on his ship agrees. After a monstrous dragon attacks the galley, the surviving crewmembers decide to take the ship for themselves and give Jeryon and his self-righteous apothecary “the captain’s chance”: a small boat with no rudder, no sails, and nothing but the clothes on his back to survive on the open sea.

Fighting for their lives against the elements, Jeryon and his companion land on an island that isn’t as deserted as they originally thought. They find a baby dragon that, if trained, could be their way home. But as Jeryon and the dragon grow closer, the captain begins to realize that even if he makes it off the island, his old life won't be waiting for him and in order get justice, he’ll have to take it for himself.

The Dragon Round is out July 19th on Kindle and August 1st in Hardcover, pre-order your!
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