Thursday, 23 June 2016

Feature: Take Away Treat Company

Hey guys! 
How's everyone doing? In the mood for some bookish items perhaps? Good! 
My very good friend Rebecca over at The Brunettes Bookshelf is not only very creative herself, but she has a very creative mum! Rebecca and her mum run Take Away Treat Company which is full of handmade goodies of the cute persuasion! There's also some bookish goodies on there too! Each item is made to order and seriously you freaking. cute. You should check out the mermaid tails they're so awesome. They'd make brilliant presents or you know...treats for yourself because everyone needs a treat now and then! Previously mentioned mermaid tails, apple cosies, mug/cup cosies, bags, pillows, baby gifts like blankets, crochet baskets, lavender bags to make your draws smell fresh and much more! 

Rebecca sent me a couple things and honestly....they're brilliant! Fantastic quality and beautifully made! I'm always looking for things to include in my photos and so I had a lot of fun taking the photos for these! 

Okay so first up is the crocheted Golden Snitch! Honestly this is perfect! I love having little things to have on my bookshelf and in my photos and this is perfect! I know a few of you have themed bookshelves, and I know a few of you have a Harry Potter shelf like I do full of the books, pop vinyls, and any other Harry Potter bits you can get your hands on! This is totally perfect!  

It sits well on a shelf, and in a photo, and I'm certain that you could probably hang it from the ceiling or something if you really wanted and asked Rebecca's mum really nicely to attach some hangy thing to it! Like that clear wire know what I mean. I'm just in love with this little Snitch okay. It's perfect, no lie! 

Keeping the Harry Potter train rolling and I have this bag made by hand by Rebecca and for any Mortal Instruments fans she has a totally awesome TMI bag up on the website RIGHT NOW! So the bag is sturdy, and it's water resistant to an extent, but then no-ones going to go dunking their bag in to a lake or something are they!? I love the simple design with the Deathly Hallows and Always. Just.....always *ugly sobs* 

Us bookish folk love a good tote bag, let's not lie and while Rebecca has HP and TMI totes, she also has some other cute designs, and she'll do a custom bag for you if you ask her nicely and tell her what you're after quote-wise etc! She legit hand paints them, you guys damn! You guys know you need a new tote for all your books when you go shopping...

Okay so I can hear you all shouting at me that Star Wars isn't a bookish item BUT there are Star Wars books so HA. Meet cup warmer Yoda. He's ridiculously adorable. Look at his little hands! I cannot even. I'm in love. He's crotchet as you can see, and seriously...SO CUTE! Yoda does up at the back with a nice, easy to button, button and he fits round a mug, a cup, a glass, any drinking receptacle that I have in my house basically. You need him in your life, he'll keep your drinks warm for you! 

Want a Yoda, you know you do! 
His little face, look at! 
Buy it now, you will! 
Do or do not, there is no try! 
I will stop now. Before someone punches me. all need to go check out Take Away Treat Company, have a little nose around, I guarantee you'll find something you like! Or you know, think of something you'd like to have made! I think these will just make really brilliant gifts for family and friends, as well as treats for yourself, they're hand made so you know they're good quality and they're unique! 

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