Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Finished Series I have YET To Finish

really need to start doing this more regularly, the topics are always make me think "OH NO how can I narrow it down!?" or require me to really sit and have a think! This weeks theme is one I really had to kinda narrow down....my TBR is terrible! 

So this week is the series that have finished but that you haven't finished reading. My problem is that review books I'm sent take priority over my TBR, and I seem to always be lucky enough to be sent a fair few, which means my own books get bumped lower and lower, which I don't actually mind.  I usually have time to read one or two, but I keep buying books even though I know I won't be reading them for a while! I actually  have had to separate my TBR into different shelves....next in series, series, first in series, standalone to keep track of what's what! So there's a fair few series I've started but haven't actually gotten around to finishing just yet! And ya know, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to read a book that happens to be like the next in a series. So anyway...here we go. 

1. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
This is one of my favourite series so you'd think I'd have finished it ASAP, but I actually have half the series left. Although from what people where saying after each book came out it's probably a good job I'll end up reading them all one after the other! 

2. The Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan
I literally have the final book left, I'm just waiting for a time when I can re-read the others and then read this straight after, because I love this trilogy! 

3. Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan 
Okay so I've actually only read the first one, the others are sitting on my shelf waiting for the opportune moment to read them. I will get there...eventually! 

4. Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter
Literally read these ages ago and the last one has been sitting on my shelf since it came out. I'm aiming to read ones like these, when I've only got one left, next after I'm all sorted with reviews! 

5. House of Night by P.C And Kristin Cast
I have two left in this series to read, but I still need to buy the last one. My issue is that they changed the covers halfway through, so I've been buying the US covers so they all match! There's nothing I hate more than covers changing midway through a series! 

6. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
I think the series had the last few books coming out around about GCSE/A Level time so I didn't have much time for regular reading. I have the last three books to read before I'll allow myself to buy Royal Wedding and read it.....but I can't actually locate the last three books in my house! 

7. The Lost Boys by Lilian Carmine
I reviewed the first one on NetGalley and then bought an actual copy, and I have bought the other two, I just haven't gotten around to reading them yet! 

8. Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
Again, I read the first one years ago! I have all the others because my nan was reading them as well so we pre-ordered them and everything, but I haven't gotten around to reading them myself yet. 

9. Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
I started reading these because my friend had started and was talking about them, I've read the first three, and I have all of the others except for the latest one, but as usual....I'll get there eventually! 

10. The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine
Yes, another of my favourite series that I rave about! I have one left! Well two actually, I appear to have missed a book in the middle of the series somehow! So technically two but seeing as I only realised last year, I'm not sure there's much point in me going back to read it! 

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