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Review: The Defiant Heir

The Defiant Heir 
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Across the border, the Witch Lords of Vaskandar are preparing for war. But before an invasion can begin, they must call a rare gathering of all seventeen lords to decide a course of action.
Lady Amalia Cornaro knows that this Conclave might be her only chance to smother the growing flames of war, and she is ready to make any sacrifice if it means saving Raverra from destruction.

Amalia and Zaira must go behind enemy lines, using every ounce of wit and cunning they have, to sway Vaskandar from war. Or else it will all come down to swords and fire. 

Nothing kicks off a book like a spot of light pyro and a murder. There's political intrigue from the start with a war brewing and Falcons being targeted. Much like the first book there's action and fast paced parts mixed in with the slower parts. I was hooked in by the intrigue and the action, and trying to work out what Ruven was up to and what was happening. I really loved getting to explore more of the world of the book and getting to explore Vaskander and meet the Witch Lords who where certainly an....interesting bunch! I really do love the world of the book it's so interesting and original and populated by such interesting characters. 

Zaira continues to be my favourite, she's just such a freaking badass and I continue to empathise with her and root for her. Amalia I'm kind of on the fence about at points still, and I felt for her towards the end of the book and we do see her changing and becoming the person she needs to be in this book. I'm excited to see how much more she'll change and develop as a character over the course of the next book! 

We get a brand new character in the form of Kathe and he's exactly the kind of character I love. I think I ship he and Amalia more than I ship she and Marcello. He's more interesting and their banter and relationship is livelier and more interesting than the rather dull one she has with Marcello. Sorry dude! 

The plot pulls you in with the various different elements and the intrigue, there's multiple douchey characters aside from Ruven, for example, Caulin is definitely up to something, I don't trust or like him at all. As we end the book, we're left wanting more with an idea of the direction the next book is going to go! Amalia's proceeding with her bill but no doubt there's going to be some pushback and I'm hoping to get a better look at the Council of Nine and the inner workings of the politics of the world! 

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