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Manga: Baccano 2

Baccano Vol 2
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

NEW YORK, 1930
Three years after the Phantom Father incident, Firo is about to get a promotion within the Martillo Family. But the intricate web of fate has other plans in store for him as the elixir of immortality nears its completion, setting off a chain of events that brings together gangsters, alchemists, and everyone in between!
Let the crazy ruckus continue! 
I completely and utterly loved the first volume of Baccano, and it threw me some curve balls with the supernatural twist and got me plenty intrigued with the mysteries. As we start this volume we're hit with a time jump of three years from the end of last volume, which I thought was an interesting development and again....I wasn't expecting it! 
We're now in 1930, post stock market crash! The full colour page immediately grabbed my attention and I was so ready to dive in to this it's chunkier than the previous one which had me all excited too! 
Firo gets promoted to Executive in the Camorra, something I was expecting to see him struggle towards throughout the coming volumes, and I'm intrigued to see what path this will take as it keeps blind siding me every single volume! 
Edward, an Inspector and seeming nemesis of Firo and co appears at the start, along with two new characters. Miriam and Isaac...and I can't even. They're all "We're gonna rob people. We need to keep a low profile." and then being kind of idiotic and bumbly and then trying to be all tough and scary. They're kinda funny and mostly harmless...I think. I actually quite like them, I think! I'm hoping they'll be a permanent fixture. They took us quite the interesting journey as we got to know them and finally figured out what their motivation is, bless them. 
We also meet Dallas, who's a new bad guy going against the Gandors and the Mafia in general by the looks of it. I was actually feeling quite bad for him at one point but by the end of the volume I was like "okay dude...dig your own grave, I'm out". I think he'll be sticking around for a little while, so I'm basically assuming that the new characters introduced in this volume are our permanent cast for the coming volumes after the time jump. I'm kind of looking at Volume 1 as a prologue at this stage! 
Ennis....I felt kind of sad for her. I didn't actually realise she was a she until Firo pointed it out. All thanks to the deceptive art work! She provided a shock twist with who and what she is! She works for Szilard, who's returned to the city after three years...duh. The liquor of immortality is nearly complete, or complete until disaster strikes. Curious as I am about Maiza...he cracks me up and I love his interactions and relationship with Firo! 
We get plenty more background on Szilard and Maiza and what went down on that ship in 1711. Alchemists and alchemy, which I was so not expecting from a manga that I thought was all about the mafia! There's some interesting information/lore on how it all works, and I'm a sucker for the details in this series! 
I love the Gandors, Luck in particular! Their friendship with Firo is cute and hilarious at the same time, and I like how they switch their personalities depending on the occasion. I'm so excited we're getting to see them in this volume as I wasn't sure if things may have changed in the three year gap! Although things aren't looking good for them at the end of the volume! 
The historical detail, including slang in the dialogue is genuinely amazing and I'm living for all the various different kind of details in this volume, both historical and otherwise! My one gripe is...where  is Claire?! 
As we head towards the end of the volume, things really start to kick off and to quote the volume....the stage is set! There's certainly going to be a lot of chaos coming up, and I'm excited to see all of these various different, yet interesting characters all working together or against each other or whatever! Upon completing this becomes clear that we should treat vol 1 as a prologue, introducing us to the characters, while this volume really kicks off the story! 

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