Thursday, 29 March 2018

Manga: Waiting For Spring 5

Waiting For Spring Vol 5
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Summer vacation is in full swing! When Mitsuki and her friends go to the amusement park together, she's faced with plenty of romantic date spots and superstitions. When she finally works up the courage to ask Towa to ride the Ferris wheel with her, her plans are interrupted and she has to think of another way...but just when Mitsuki's about to throw in the towel, Towa picks up the game right where she left off. Alone together on the Ferris wheel, Towa's confession of a secret past may be more than Mitsuki is ready to hear. 

This volume hit me right in the warm and fuzzies you guys! Mitsuki kinda misses her chance to tell Towa how she feels and Ryuji misses a prime chance with Nana. I think Kyosuke spurs Towa on a bit and makes him think a little. He kind of lays down the challenge when he mentioned Aya and kicks Towa's ass in to gear! 

This volume is such a tease with the Mitsuki/Towa moments and the almost thing that happened. But we do make progress as Towa realises his feelings for Mitsuki......fiiiinaaalllyyyyy! But....Mitsuki and Aya do hang out for the first time and she has it out with him about lying to her about being a girl and all of that. They finally have an honest talk and we see deeper in to their friendship and in to Aya himself...but I'm still Team Towa although he might have a struggle on his hands in the upcoming volumes. 

We get some interesting tidbits about Nana dropped, and there's plenty of cute moments no matter who you ship, but with Towa realising his feelings and starting to attempt to do something about it about it..and Aya throwing down the gauntlet for next volume, things are really heating up on the romance front and after this volume we know exactly where everyone stands ready for some drama to kick off! 

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