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Book Tag: Rapid Fire

I really do have an abnormal love for doing book tags! So thanks to Becca at The Tea Library for tagging me! You should all go and check out her blog, she's one of my favourite people in the world! I really do love answering questions, which is kinda weird but there you go! I always have fun doing these! 

Ebooks or physical books?

Okay, this is the one question I find hard to pick a definitive answer for. I love books, I have loads of books. I love the smell of books, I love seeing how far I have to go when I'm reading a huge book, I love the pretty covers and spines all lined up on my shelves. But sometimes books are too pretty, and sometimes I have to get an ebook version so I can stop my pretty edition from getting destroyed or accidentally cracking the spine. Or on purpose cracking the spine because sometimes it has to be done okay! 

Paperback or hardback?

It's hilarious how much my answer for this has changed! A few years ago, I'd have picked paperback without even needing to think about it. Hardbacks are unwieldy, and sometimes they're hard to hold and actually read. Plus there's the delicate dust jackets that you don't want to damage. But ever since joining the blogging community and the bookstagram community, I've got a new found appreciation for hardbacks! It's kind of 50/50 for me! 

Online or in-store shopping?

Online. I love going to the bookshop and browsing and coming across new books that I've not heard of before or wouldn't necessarily have picked up before. As much as I'd love to buy all my books in store, it's just too expensive. I usually buy from Wordery or Amazon because it's cheaper, and a lot of the time it's easier than going in to a store, especially when my two local stores are quite small and don't always have what I'm looking for! That being said, in some cases, Waterstones online website has books cheaper online than in store and they're sometimes cheaper than both Amazon and Wordery. I actually only go in store to buy books if I have a gift card, if I have a completed stamp card for Waterstones and so get a tenner to spend in store...or if it's a treat! 

Trilogies or series?

This isn't as hard to answer as I thought it would be! Trilogies! I mean..sometimes it's like you read a really good trilogy and you want need more. But it ends perfectly and you're happy, even though you just slightly keep wishing for more. But usually reaches a point when I lose interest. Like The Mortal Instruments. I will forever be of the opinion that it should have been just that first trilogy, I think it was around about book 5 that my interest started to waver. I wasn't as excited for book 6 as I thought I'd be because I'd been waiting around for the last book, and it had been a while and my enthusiasm died. There are a couple of series that I really love, but that may only be because I got to binge read them, I'm not sure! So I'm going to pick trilogies! 

Heroes or Villains?

What does it say about me, that nine times out of ten, I find myself relating to the villain in a story? I guess it's a personal thing for me, but I genuinely spend most times relating to the bad guy. There's only a few instances where I didn't. Or didn't at least feel some sympathy for them. Plus villains are fun. I'd love to play a villain! 

A book you want everyone to read? 

One? Just one? Ah man. Uuhh......aahh....urm.....ehhh...Six of Crows. Damn that was hard. I'm gonna have to pick Six of Crows, criminals...a heist.....brilliant characters and a vivid world. I love this book so much. In fact, so much that I'm terrified to read Crooked Kingdoms because you's going to be over and I'm 99% sure something bad happens to my faves! 


Recommend an underrated book.

Stalking Jack The Ripper! To me this seems to be a really underrated book, I only know a couple of people who've read it, and I've hardly seen anyone talking about it. I loved this book. It was vivid and evocative. The characters where fantastic. It was creepy. It was atmospheric and it kept me guessing right up until the end. It's genuinely such a brilliant book you guys! 


The last book you finished?

Um...well the last book I finished was Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it still. It was a dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed it but it wasn't the best book in the world. Sorry. 

 Now...if you're including graphic novels/manga, then I literally just finished Karneval 3 earlier today! I freaking love this manga, it's so cute, and it's so intriguing and SO CUTE! 

Cruel Beauty | Karneval

Weirdest thing you've used as a bookmarker?

What haven't I used as a bookmarker? I've used you actual bookmark, but I use my phone a lot. Like if I'm just quickly going to do something, I'll stick my phone in there. I've used tickets for trains, the cinema etc, I used my lipstick once...and I've used a fork :') 

Used books yes or no? 

Yes. Which is weird because I have this thing and if a book isn't in pristine condition then I get annoyed. BUT that only rules out buying used books online. I still sometimes do from trusted sellers or if it's on eBay and there are photos of the book, but otherwise I don't because of the amount of times I've ended up buying a used book that was in way worse condition than it was supposed to be...or it was a proof. But my favourite is my local Oxfam book shop! It's full of used books and I've found some gems in there! The amount of times I've bought books from there that have looked like they've never been read is insane! Plus the money goes to charity so it's a win/win! 

Top three genres? 

Fantasy. I freaking love fantasy! Which is strange because a few years ago, I'd read hardly any. Now it's all I read. It's actually gotten to the stage where I can't really read contemporary anymore unless it's really cheesy ones and I'm having a bad day! 

Young Adult. Obviously! I mean....I usually lean towards fantasy YA, which will surprise none of you I'm sure. The whole YA genre wasn't such a big thing when I was actually a teen, it was just coming up to be one, I just love YA. There are so many good YA books, and they make me feel all the feels and YA books have really helped me out more than once. 

Can I pick manga? Because if I can't I'm going to struggle with this question :') SO. Manga. Yaaay manga! I love manga. The artwork is usually amazing, and they're all imaginative, and something a little bit different and I get so addicted to the stories and I end up loving the characters so much! 

Borrow or buy?

I was the nerdy kid who spent way too much time in the library so borrow! I used to do the library summer challenge every single summer without fail and I always won. Always. But I would always borrow the maximum amount of books that I could! Little baby me, would carry a huge stack out every single visit! I still do actually, but my TBR is so huge that I'm not allowed to go to the library anymore until it's done! I actually get books from the library that I'm not too sure about, read them, and if I really love the book then I buy my own copy. Sorry if that's not the done thing, but I'm not rolling in money :')

Characters or plot?

Oh wow this is hard. If the plot is boring I usually find myself losing interest, but on the other hand...if the characters are interesting and I can relate to them...then I'll keep reading and sometimes the plot will pick up and I'll end up really loving a book that I'll have put down otherwise. So...I guess characters? 

Short or long?

This one depends entirely on my mood. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a really long book that I can get lost in for a while. Other times I just want a short read because I'm not in the mood for anything too complicated or long. 

Long or short chapters?

I don't really think I can pick one of these! Short chapters are usually pointless unless they're being used to add some tension to the book. I've seen that done well before! I don't usually mind long chapters unless I have limited time to read, or I'm sleepy, then I end up feeling like I'm reading forever. And it depends how in to the book I am too. If I'm really in to it then I don't really notice chapter length. If I'm not, then the longer chapters really drag! 

Book to movie or TV adaption?

Okaaaaayy this is hard. It depends on the book being adapted. Hunger Games...I really liked the movie adaption. A Series of Unfortunate Events...I hated the movie adaption but I really enjoyed the TV adaption that Netflix did. Then we have Shadowhunters. I actually prefer the movie, because it's been closer to how I envisioned it, I was willing to give the TV show a chance but I'm only watching it for Malec at this stage. I have many, many issues with that show. So it depends. I'm incredibly wary about the Throne of Glass adaption too. Although I feel that will work better as a TV show because of how long the books are. I'm hoping it means it'll be a closer adaption! 

Name the first three books you can think of.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon - I'm getting ready to re-read this and Mime Order so I can finally read The Song Rising very soon! After the two year wait, I'm more than ready to get stuck in! The Mime Order is my favourite of the series so far, and I know TBS starts off a little slow but give it a chance! 

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare - I'm really excited for Lord of Shadows to come out, and I recently bought yet another edition of this that I probably didn't really need! I'm loving this new trilogy, it reminds me of The Infernal Devices and I'm genuinely excited for the new book!

Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout - I had to include an Armentrout book. Becca and I became friends because we bonded over her Lux books! Half-Blood is my favourite, because it's the first book of the authors that I read, and there's aaallll the Greek mythology! 

Books that make you laugh or cry?

Oh God, books that make me laugh every time. I read to escape the real world and all the crap in it, which is why I tend to avoid contemporary! I don't actively seek out books that make me cry, there have been a couple that I've been reading and I've ended up crying because it really got to me, but I'll always pick laughing over crying!

Our world or fictional worlds?

Well..I blog is called Reality's A Bore soooo...the answers pretty obvious right? Fictional every time. I love getting lost in another world entirely, that's so different from ours. Sometimes you just need a break from the real world. 

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

I'd love to say no, but I have done it before. If a book has a really pretty cover, I'll definitely check it out and there's a good chance I'll buy it if the reviews are favourable. But I've read books before that I've not been too sure of because they haven't got the greatest cover or it was a cheesy cover, but the book was really, really good. I don't really let the covers put me off, but I do go in to a book with a certain image in my head depending on the cover.

Series or standalone?

I don't think I can pick standalone! I've read so many standalone books that where so amazing, and could quite easily have been at least a duology! But they remained as standalones and it was so disappointing and such a shame! On the other hand some standalones are done really well, but overall I'd rather have a series! 

I taaagg: 

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