Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Manga: Today's Cerberus

Today's Cerberus
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

As a young boy, Chiaki Mikado had an encounter with an unusual, three-headed puppy, and as a consequence of a bite from that dog, he lost a piece of his soul. Now a teenager, he finds himself unable to enjoy anything, but the three-headed dog is back in human form -- or more accurately forms -- to fix all that!

Turns out that the three heads of the mythical guardian to the gates of the underworld are actually unique individuals, and each a pretty young girl at that! With his new roommate(s) leading the charge, can Chiaki experience the happiness that has so long eluded him?

This manga is so cute you guys! I love Greek Mythology so you could I resist a manga with the word Cerberus in the title! I have to say, I really love the myth and every day life that's been blended together in this manga, there was a lot more myth elements to this than I originally thought there would be and I was pleasantly surprised. On top of that, it had a good pace, and it's funny! I really, genuinely enjoyed reading this and all the crazy situations the characters got themselves in to. 

We have Chiaki who got bitten by baby Cerberus and is now losing a part of his soul so he can't really feel/display emotion, which was funnier than it really should have been with his dodgy smile! Then there's Cerberus who you know...has three heads usually. But in this manga Cerberus has three forms and has come to guard Chiaki. We have Kuro who is in charge most of the time, she's like a little kid and it's totally adorable. Shirogane is the second head, and she's the kick ass one who does all the fighting, and finally there's Roze. Roze is the one who bit Chiaki and so wants to make it up to him, she's voluntarily sealed her power away and she's the thoughtful and quiet one. 

There are plenty of cliches/tropes in this book, but I honestly didn't really care. It was just so fun and cute, and it was a light read and it's one of those manga that you can pick up and it'll bring a smile to your face and lift your mood as you read it! Despite outward appearances, not every single girl in this manga is in love with Chiaki, which was nice and refreshing and kind of another shock. I'm not going to lie. Having said that, I'm not even entirely sure that one of the girls actually is but we'll see how it plays out! There is one love interest though for definite and I enjoyed watching the struggle she had with her own little problems! 

I enjoyed the art work to this, I enjoyed being surprised by it and it's contents. I enjoyed how authentic and believable the characters where. They where very relatable including the non-human ones! I enjoyed this even more the second time around, and I look forward to what's coming next! 

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