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Review: Waking In Time

Waking In Time
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Still mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother and shaken by her mysterious, dying request to “find the baby,” Abbi has just arrived at UW Madison for her freshman year. But on her second day, she wakes up to a different world: 1983. That is just the first stop on Abbi’s journey backward through time. Will is a charming college freshman from 1927 who travels forward through time. When Abbi and Will meet in the middle, love adds another complication to their lives. Communicating across time through a buried time capsule, they try to decode the mystery of their travel, find the lost baby, and plead with their champion, a kindly physics professor, to help them find each other again ... even though the professor gets younger each time Abbi meets him. 

Okaaaayy I haven't read many time travel books, but this one is SO good. So good. I really enjoyed this, it was light, it was cute, it was fun, and it was a great read. It didn't necessarily blow me away, and if you're a huge sci-fi/time travel lover, and you go in to this expecting some hugely complicated time travel explanations and time paradoxes or just complex time travel in general, you may be a smidge disappointed! 

Personally, I wasn't at all sure what to expect when going in to this, but I certainly had a good time reading! The rest of my review is going to be very vague, because I don't want to spoil things for you guys, because it'll take away from your experience reading the book! 

So. I loved jumping back in time with Abbi, I wasn't sure how far back she'd go next, or when she'd end up and it was a lot of fun. The book is very authentic, and it's very  historically accurate. It was interesting to see how college life differed over the different time periods! But all the little details kept you in the time with Abbi! After reading Angie's post for my blog for the blog tour, which was all about her research, I'd been expecting to see a lot of it used in this and I wasn't disappointed! There where some cool little tidbits that I knew nothing about too! 

I was drawn in to this book more and more as I read, and I was putting things together, or trying to. I mean I managed to put together someones identity but not every little thing, so the reveals where still fun. Although I was kinda shouting at Abbi at one point because someone's identity was SO obvious and I was like "Am I the only person that remembers this characters name, and the character saying this?!". I loved how everything came together and I LOVED the ending! I loved how Will and Abbi travelled and the explanations for it. We have a little family mystery of a similar nature, and I'd love for this to happen to me so I could solve it! 

I really enjoyed the romance it was cute and sweet and hit you with warm and fuzzies. I loved reading about it, it was slightly unusual, as was Abbi's experience and interactions with other people, but I loved it, it made it interesting and fresh. But I loved the romance. So cute. So adorable. I can't even. Will was fantastic, I felt for the poor guy although his time travel reason was a bit suspect, it was still cute. I'm not gonna lie, I really liked Will and bless him...I got so irritated at those students for the pocket watch at the end like..hello. Put things back where you find them. How rude. Poor Will, I mean...he didn't seem to care all that much BUT STILL. 

I also really love that this is based on a true family story, and that the author couldn't solve it and so wrote this. Like I said before, we have a similar family mystery that involves my grandfather and ever since finishing this book, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I was really in to ancestry not long after he died, and I found a cool little thing with some ancestors that would make a good or you know...sad/dramatic story, (my brain saw it and was like "oohhhh suspicious") but I still haven't solved my grandfathers mystery. So this book really resonated with me. I'd kind of given up on solving it, but now I'm feeling motivated about it again, so I'm gonna have to work out how to get hold of his birth certificate and various other things! 

Anyway. Waking in Time is a fun, light and heartwarming read, filled with a cute romance and family. It's authentic, and so easy to sit and read in one go as the mystery draws you in more and more and you get more excited to see where Abbi ends up next! 

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