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Pokemon Go! Book Tag

Because she knows me so well, Rebecca @ The Brunettes Bookshelf  tagged me to do this book tag and I'm genuinely so excited because I freaking love Pokemon Go! I used to watch the show as a kid and play the games on the old Gameboy Colour, and so as soon as the app came out I had to get it and I've been obsessed ever since which isn't good for my phones battery life or data usage but I'm catching actual Pokemon so who cares?! This book tag is completely brilliant and it's a lot of fun, so let's goooo....

Hmmmm, I know I actually only read it this year, but can I say Pride and Prejudice? I actually loved it a lot more than I thought I would! I have so many different editions, I'd read it again and again and I understand everyone's obsession with it now! Totally late to the party though. 

OMG The Diviners and Lair of Dreams totally. Not only did I stay awake until like 4am reading the both of them, but both of them creeped me out to another level so it was like..better stay awake and read more cause I won't be able to sleep anyway :') 

I'm going with Rebecca on this one guys....FEYSAND IS THE OTP TO RULE THEM ALL. God I have never shipped anything so hard. Especially on the basis of one book like I  liked Rhys in book one but the ship got me in book two within the first couple of chapters and I was like yep. Bye bye Tamtool, I have my ship, and my GOD I FELT ALL THE FEELS. 

Hmm...there's quite a few that could fit in to this category but I'm going to go with what I'm currently reading. Soldier by Julie Kagawa, it's the third in the Talon series and ya know....dragons. So it's totally fire hot ;) BUT it's also really fast paced so far. 

Eeveeeeeeeeee I freaking love Eevee! Anyway. The Parasol Protectorate! I got all the books from the library when I stumbled across the first one in there and I read like one a day. Then I went out and bought my own copies and re-read. I still need to read The Finishing School series, BUT I have read the first one and it was SO GOOD. That's the prequel series. Then you have The Custard Protocol which is the other spin off series which is set after PP and I just found out it's a duology so I'm gutted. THEN there's a new series coming which I'm really excited for! I just love the world of these books, it's all Steampunk and a really extensive and vivid world. 

Caravaaaaaalll by Stephanie Garber! I got the proof and it's gorgeous and has sprayed red pages and a stunning map and ugh. It's beautiful. But it also sounds completely awesome, I saw it on GoodReads but I didn't realise it was being publisher over here and when I found out it was there was much celebrating! 

OMG how can I choose one!? I have so many! Jennifer L Armentrout, Julie Kagawa, Sarah J Maas, Alyxandra Harvey, Gail Carriger, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Victoria Schwab, Susan Dennard aaannddd Leigh Bardugo! Seriously. There's way more but I picked a few because I can't just pick one because I'll feel bad for all the ones I didn't say! Plus I suck at making decisions! All of these authors write so brilliantly and are so original and write such entertaining books. 

Hmmm...there's a few. Seeing as Strange The Dreamer is out this year I'll go with the author's other series...Daughter of Smoke and Bone! I've been meaning to buy these for ages I just haven't gotten around to it, and everyone raves about these books so much, they sound completely brilliant! I'll get to them eventually! 

It's gotta be The Song Rising, the third Bone Season book. I've been waiting for ages for this, I got an early copy of Mime Order so I've been waiting even longer. Sort of. It keeps getting put back and put back but there's finally a date...it's the 7th of March next year. Book Depository informs me that's 224 days. 224. How am I supposed to wait that long!? Although, it has to be said, I'm really gutted about the new covers! 

Ooohh I'm trying to think of one with like a dodgy cover or something. Hang on. *goes to look at bookshelves* I think I'll say Poison Princess by Kresley Cole purely because the original cover looked really cheesy and I was expecting one thing and the book was completely different and totally badass. 

Oh boy, the super expensive fancy edition of the Harry Potter Illustrated books and the leatherbound Harry Potter's and the really fancy edition of Assassins Apprentice. OH and the super fancy edition of Tales of Beedle the Bard. Yep. Need. But so poor. Plus you can't get the leatherbounds anymore and people want like 200 quid for them on eBay. Don't even get me started on all of the Juniper Books covers. 

I always read books, like always but the first one I can remember reading that I became completely obsessed with was Harry Potter. We had this day at school where you came in dressed as a book character (I was totally the Cat in the Hat) and some kid came in dressed as Harry Potter and no-one knew who he was supposed to be and I came home and told my mum he was some Potter person and she got the first two books and was reading them to me. After that I got every single book the day it came out and my aunt sent me the US editions so I have first editions from the US sitting on my shelves! After that I read way more and spent a lot of time getting books from the library. 

Right. Okay. Nobody lynch me but...The Raven Boys. Everyone raves about these books. They are everywhere. I felt my interest waning the more I saw them everywhere. I finally read The Raven Boys and was so underwhelmed I couldn't be bothered with the rest of the books. Sorry. 

Oh God this one's hard. There's a couple of books I remember reading and thinking they're a little bit like this book or that book. The Crown's Game really, really reminded me of The Infernal Devices and I still can't quite put my finger on why but a large part of it was Nikolai who was so Will like! Not really a trope but that book had serious TID vibes but I totally loved it anyway. I also agree with Rebecca that ACOTAR and ToG are quite similar. 

Hmmm...the next Robin Hobb trilogy, Liveship Traders. It's only three books but they are quite hefty and while I loved the Farseer Trilogy...I need to be in the right mood to read these books! Like Game of Thrones I couldn't read back to back, I had to read a lighter book in between and if I wasn't in the mood it took me twice as long to read anything! I'll get there at some point though! 

I taaaagggg 
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