Monday, 3 August 2015

A Mind Needs Books As A Sword Needs A Whetstone

Hey guys, I've got ANOTHER book haul for you! 
I should straight up tell you that book hauls aren't going to be a weekly occurrence, I can't buy books every single week and I don't. It just so happens that last week I had a few I'd ordered arrive and this week I actually went book shopping. Not to mention the unusual amount of review books that have shown up. 
After a family death, I slowed up on the blogging and wasn't really interested in doing it for a while. So things slowed down, I didn't request anything and just worked through what I had. Now I'm fully back on it hence the unusual amount of review books. 
Whenever I do buy books I'll do a book haul, but like I said, it won't be a regular thing, it'll be an every now and again kinda thing. At least, I hope I don't end up going on a mad book buying rampage to do weekly book hauls because this is only my second book haul and I'm struggling with quotes because "book haul" is just a boring title! 

This weeks book haul will be in two parts....bought and received! I have tried to take some pretty photos, but sadly, we can't all have a DSLR and so I'm pretending I'm a photographer while using an iPad! Check out the GoodReads list I made of the books from this! Easy access to add to your TBR's! ;) 


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I made a trip to Staines specifically to go book shopping and you may or may not now why. One of the reasons is that sometimes it's fun to go a bit out of your way to a different store and see what's about. Another is that I haven't set foot in my local bookstore since I stopped working there. Usually I frequent Walton, but fancied a change and a journey! 

First up is my bargain! Clothbound Robinson Crusoe, why is it a bargain? Because I got it for £3 because on the back some of the design is rubbing off, which is no problem for me and I'm currently brainstorming ways to restore it! 

The Left Hand of God was my fantasy choice. I went to have a look and see if they had any of the Terry Pratchett Hardback Collectors Library editions, sadly they did not. But I can't not look at the fantasy section. I'm ridiculously in to fantasy books right now! This one caught my eye because it had been placed in the wrong section, and after working there I couldn't not leave it, so I went to put it back in it's proper place, then the blurb caught my eye. 

Ink and Bone is a book that's been on my list to get. I've read all of the Morganville Vampire books, I read the first three when I was in Secondary school and it was a couple of snow days, I remember this distinctly! So Rachel Caine has become one of the authors I'll buy their books of automatically. Having said that, this one sounds really interesting. Anyway I've been excited for this and I only got this because the book below was in the "buy one get one half price" thing and I picked it up, saw the sticker and thought, "Well it'd be rude not to" and went in search of a book I wanted that was also stickered....hello Ink and Bone! 

For those of you who don't know this (still), I am a history nerd. A "debating doing a degree in Ancient History alongside my acting career" kind of nerd. Two of the areas of history I'm fascinated with are Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, which is why you'll see me getting over excited about YA/Fantasy/etc books that have anything to do with either as part of the plot. I also own a fair few Ancient Egypt books that are non-fiction, but I don't actually have any Ancient Greek ones....until now. Enter Eureka. I actually have the authors version of this book that's all about the Romans, which is why I picked this up because I didn't know the author had done another and I really enjoyed Veni, Vidi, Vici so I figured this one was gonna be good! 


I did debate doing this as a separate book haul, because then I'd have one for next week, but I don't want to fall down the slippery path to trying to have books every single week for a post. So I thought I'd lump the two together. Like I said, I've only recently started getting back to being more involved in the blogging and reviewing world, so this week I've been incredibly lucky and have been sent some incredibly exciting books by some lovely publishers. I really can't thank them enough! Especially Steph who remembered I was after a copy of Lair of Dreams! To be honest, I have a very exciting review TBR! 

First up, I was lucky enough to be picked to review the anniversary edition of I, Coriander. I read this book back in school, I got it from the school library and was reading it in form time. I'm very excited to get to review this because I get to read it again and I probably wouldn't have made time otherwise! 

Speaking of my love for Ancient Egypt, here's one of said books that I got excited about because....Egypt. Reawakened. I think I found this on GoodReads, and just recently it popped up on Bookbridgr. This was also on my WFW post last week. How could I not be overly excited/raving about it when it's got all Egypt-y things in it?! 

The House of Shattered Wings I was very kindly sent by Genn, and I can't thank her enough. The cover caught my eye and after locating it in on GoodReads I was intrigued beyond belief by the synopsis. I had figured it would be popular and I wasn't likely to be able to snag a proof, so I'm eternally grateful to Genn for finding and sending me a copy! I can't wait to start it to be honest! 

Lair Of Dreams. I have been so, so, SO excited for this it's unbelievable. I'm definitely going to re-read The Diviners before I get stuck in to this, to refresh my memory as the wait has been so long and unbearable. Genuinely opened up this one and was jumping and down and shouting "thank you Steph" to myself. 

Court of Fives was another that I stumbled across, and I was so excited to be lucky enough to get a review copy of this one! Don't get me wrong, I've always liked fantasy, but lately I'm completely obsessed with it to the extent that all I read is fantasy and YA! This sounds like it's going to be an incredibly fantastic read and you should all check it out! There are SO MANY good books upcoming! 

With that, the haul is complete, as before the book titles are links to the buy pages on so you can grab them easily! If you have a book haul feel free to link me or just tell me about it in the comments! 

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