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Manga: Love in Focus 2

Love in Focus Vol 2
Rating: 3/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review! 

After earning Mitsuru's trust, Mako's beginning to get the hang of living in Lens Inn with the high school photo club. Behind the scenes, however, Mako's best friend Kei warns Mitsuru to keep his distance. This ominous message exposes Kei's feelings for Mako, but Mitsuru is the only one who knows! Later, when the club members all go on a field trip together, a sudden downpour strands Mako and Mitsuru. What will the two do?!
If you cast your minds back to the first volume, a certain gauntlet was thrown at the end of the last volume. It would appear that I was right about a love triangle, as the feelings and romance step up in this volume with Amemura and Mako having some moments right from the beginning of the volume, and of course there's Kei. 
We get a nice amount of insight in to Kei as we get some more of his background and what his family was like, as well as concisely showing us how his feelings for Mako developed. It adds some depth to him as the character, making him more than just 'the childhood best friend', but it doesn't really make me root for him yet, I'm kind of Team Amemura! 
Nene decides to push the plot along by broaching the subject of love and feelings to Mao who we all know is completely oblivious to all of that! Kei meanwhile is struggling with his feelings, and we do have more of a focus on him this volume for the most part, as well as his little tense moments with Amemura. Of course, Mako has had her eyes opened a little bit and is trying to figure out what she's feeling and why when it comes to one of the boys....all in time for someone to make a confession that certainly complicates things. 
Volume two moves the story along swiftly, stepping up the romance after the initial introductions last volume. It gives us some cute moments, even if it's a tad predictable, and with the fast pace pushing the story forward with no time to drag it's a quick and fun read! 

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