Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Manga: SAO Girls Ops 5

SAO Girls' Ops Vol 5
Rating: 3/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review! 

It's just an ordinary day for the girls' ops crew until a crimson-haired newbie named Garnet storms into Liz's blacksmith shop, demanding her most powerful weapon. Amused by the rookie's spunk, the girls decide to join her on a quest, planning to teach her a thing or two about gaming. As they make headway, all seems well until a mysterious path appears...Just what could be waiting ahead?

We have a fun few chapters of this volume thanks to Garnet, a new player to the game desperately in need of some help with how to function in the game, so the girls decide to show her the ropes. I found it quite funny and endearing to have a character new to games and gaming, with no idea what she was doing, and having to be taught everything. Plus she wasn't very good at it either which was another refreshing change. 

We have a mysterious changing mission and while Lux heals somewhat from the trauma of her past in SAO but there's a ghost hanging around her trying to tell her something so there's no lack of mystery this volume. I do like that the series is consistent with how traumatising being trapped in the game is and doesn't just shrug it off. 

We also get a familiar face popping up, and of course Kirito makes an appearance albeit a very brief one to hint at something bigger in the next volume, and to add more intrigue to our mystery. 

Volume 5 gives us action to start as the quest takes a wrong turn and then mystery thanks to some ghosts and a brand new quest. I do love the dynamic between the girls a lot better when they're alone and without Kirito, I have to be honest! Volume 5 moves along nicely, with a nice mix of action and mystery to keep you entertained! 

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