Friday, 12 April 2019

Manga: Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu 2

Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu Volume 2 
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review! 

In an attempt to rescue Anna, a patron's daughter, Lyu has made the dangerous mistake of falling into the Grand Casino's V.I.P. room trap. The girl is in her sights, but outnumbered and facing dwindling funds, Lyu can feel the situation heading for an all-out brawl-that is, until Syr comes forward to try her own hand at the game...!

I'm going to say it....but I am loving this spin off a wee bit more than the main series or Sword Oratoria, it has to be said. This series has a slightly different vibe to the other two series, there's not as much of a focus on the Gods and Goddesses and the dungeon and so on, or at least not yet and I do find that interesting, but it provides some different situations so far. 

Things are exciting right from the start, Lyu doesn't hold back at all and she tosses the gauntlet right down from the start. I'm not going to lie, we get a little bit Compulsive Gambler in this volume with all the dirty gambling tactics and I was living for it. Syr also gets the chance to step up as she makes a play of her own and I was so curious to see what she had up her sleeve, especially as she requested a brief meeting with Bell. 

I was honestly on the edge of my seat and then clapping and cheering for Syr so many times, what a badass. Cervantes is such a disgusting creep it's unreal, but holy wow do we get an intense reveal about his past and about Lyu's right before it all kicks off in time for the volume to end because of course. 

Smoothly paced, volume 2 keeps you hanging on with tension and an edge of the seat card game with super high stakes, and then an epic reveal that has you going "OMG" before leaving you wanting more! I can't get enough of Lyu, quite frankly! 

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