Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Manga: Seven Deadly Sins 28

Seven Deadly Sins Vol 28
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

When Elizabeth regains her memories of her past lives, Meliodas can no longer conceal the details of the curse that binds them together. In order to break the curse and save Elizabeth, Meliodas and The Sins set out to confront The Ten Commandments. But when an old enemy rises once again, will the comrades be able to weather the onslaught? 

Picking up where we left off it would seem there's more to reveal about Meliodas and Elizabeth's past, and the curse that binds them which was another little shock twist to this series! If you've been wondering what the deal is with Liz looking like Elizabeth and the Goddess Elizabeth...this is the volume that reveals all that and watching it play out is going to be interesting. We'll either be heading for heartbreak or it'll all be fixed, no problem! 

Things continue to move forward as we see Elizabeth come in to her own and use her powers, I'm liking how her character has gotten stronger and has started to join in the fight. Plus Elaine has her moment too! Elaine seems to be a permanent fixture know and it should be interesting to see how she comes in to play and contributes to the group in the future. 

As is usual for this series there's plenty of action in the volume courtesy of a fight with Melascula this time but the situation that we need to resolve will have to wait because we've got a bigger problem than helping out Camelot...Meliodas appears to have lost all control...again. This aspect is a smidge repetitive but it appears he's lost control worse than ever before, so much so that there's about to be a smack down the rest of the Sins. 

Of course we're left on a cliffhanger and we get two cliffhangers for one with the bonus story also leaving us hanging! Volume 28 has a nice pace to it, and throws in a lot of action and a lot of answers to some questions we've had since early in the series! It appears that along with the Ten Commandments, we might be focusing on Meliodas and Elizabeth a bit more! 

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