Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Manga: Frau Faust 2

Frau Faust Volume 2
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

After narrowly escaping a battle with Lorenzo, Johanna falls unconscious. In her wounded state, the century-old memories of her first contract with Mephistopheles run through her head. In these memories are answers Marion is beginning to understand: what is the nature of his master's immortality, and how is her curse inextricably tied to the body of her demon? Faust, Marion, and Nico's immediate aim is to find Mephisto's right leg, a mission that becomes more urgent when evidence of a young girl using demonic power comes to light. To find the next piece of her precious demon, Johanna may even need to form a tenuous deal with Lorenzo... 

After the cliffhanger of last volume we get to see some of Johanna's past, which I for one, was super excited about! We get a glimpse of what her life was like and how she first met Mephistopheles and came to enter a contract with him. Plus we learn an interesting tidbit about how her deal with him works and why she looks the way she does and so on! It was nice to get a couple of answers straight away, but there's still plenty of mystery left to puzzle out! 

I'm really loving Johanna, even when she was younger she had fire, and she's so sassy and intelligent and kind of sly when she needs to be. Poor old Marion gets left behind bless him, and we get a small smidge of his past too and come to know him a bit better along with why he's so determined to stick with Johanna. Nico appears to be coming along with our duo as well, which I'm thrilled about because I'm really loving her as a character! 

Lorenzo is on the case this volume, along with Vito. They're kind of a hilarious duo and it makes me sad that they're on the opposite side to Johanna and co! I just want them to all get along, especially because I lowkey ship Lorenzo and Nico! They do appear to come to an understanding and start to team up this volume, which I'm excited to see in the next volume! 

As we're on the trail of another of Mephisto's body parts, we meet an old friend of Johanna's. Niklas. I'm kind of wary of him, like I'm kind of expecting him to be dodgy, but he seems like he's okay. We'll see I guess. He's certainly got an interesting family and lineage, shall we say! 

This volume has a nice mystery element to it, with a dose of creepy. The pace is steady, the art continues to be on point and there's some nice historical details and information in the afterword. While we do get a couple of answers, there's still plenty of mystery to keep you hooked and keep you guessing. I'm waiting for Lorenzo to just give in and join Team Mephisto but I guess we'll see! There's a new character thrown in to the mix who could prove interesting, and as we go to recover the next part of poor old Mephisto....we're hit with a tricky situation! All in all, this is an excellent volume, and a perfect continuation that leaves you wanting more! 

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