Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review: Bite

Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy 
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Kid is trying to survive in a world gone mad.
Hungry, thirsty and alone in a desert wasteland, she's picked up on the side of the road by Wolf, Dolly, Tank and Pretty Boy - outlaws with big reputations and even bigger guns.

But as they journey across the wild together, Kid learns that her newfound crew may not be the heroes she was hoping for. And in a world that's lost its humanity, everyone has a bit of monster within them...

I was curious about this one, I wasn't entirely sure it was my thing but you don't really read about Cannibals all that often and I was curious to see what the author was doing with it! I've not actually seen Mad Max (don't shout at me!) so that comparison actually means nothing to me, but once I started to read and the book really got going, I found myself invested in this band of misfits and I had to know what happened to them! 

Bite is bloodthirsty, there's blood and gore and severed limbs all over the place. You find yourself rooting for this group of cannibals, these murders. You end up loving them, and wanting them to come out on top. You can feel for them, the world has been well and truly messed up and they're just trying to survive. They're an interesting bunch of characters, you don't get much history form them, just little bits. I genuinely liked all of the characters. Kid becomes the baby of the group, the others look out for her like older siblings. 

Wolf isn't the greatest most of the time, he's kind of selfish among other things but he has these little moments with Kid that override it. 
Tank takes on a big brother role, and I loved when he refused to leave Kid and looked out for her from that moment on. 
Dolly keeps an eye on her and also looks out for her. I was most curious about her, not going to lie!
Pretty Boy though....you rooted for him to be a better person, to be less of a coward and he did surprise me a time or two, but I was sad with how things ended for him. The group has such a strange loyalty, and brilliant relationships that really make the book, along with their personalities, despite what they do they still have feelings and friendships and are still loyal when noone else is. 

The world is vivid and atmospheric,  you can see the wasteland they're travelling across. The plot slowly hooks you in as the characters come up with more and more insane plans, and they succeed despite their lack of preparation and planning. They rush in to things without thinking basically, and have better luck than most I think! The book is darkly funny and full of twists and turns but this is definitely not for the faint hearted! 

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