Thursday, 2 May 2019

Manga: Again!! 7

Again!! Vol 7 
Rating: 3/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review! 

The continuing existence of the ouendan is ensured, now that it's survived its first real field test. But now that Kinichiro's achieved his primary goal, he finds himself at somewhat loose ends, and the prospect of re-living the next three years with all of his foreknowledge brings with it a new set of problems. Meanwhile, Reo's determined to finish what she started with him, one way or another... 

The previous arc comes to a happy conclusion at the start of this volume, and the Ouendan has become quite popular. The Captain and Imamura in particular. But their objective has been achieved, the Ouendan lives to fight another day and there's even some new people who want to join so things are looking up! 

More importantly though, this volume, Hiro and what the deal with him is finally comes to light. He's also giving me some serious evil villain vibes, and he spends a chunk of this volume putting some very bad ideas in to Imamura's head, you know...the cliche "I memorised the lottery numbers let's get rich" kinda ideas that we all know is a bad idea. I do find him interesting though as his life was seemingly perfect, and I was intrigued to see why he thought he needed a do over. 

I did, however, cringe super hard this volume as Hiro was "helping" Shibata, and honestly? He's going to be such a pain. We've got the drama with Shibata and Imamura who's trying to let her down easy by pretending to be a jerk, we've got Hiro and the trouble he's causing but the volume picks up again and starts to get interesting by the end. 

Poor old Fujieda is not having a good time, her life was perfect before and now it's all going to hell. She discovers an idol attended their school before she became an idol, but the idol was bullied for being ugly and so Fujieda finds a "project"...meaning the to be idol's Theatre Club and thus begins the next arc. 

With the Ouendan saved I was wondering what was next for the series, as the major crisis appeared to be over, things slowed down this volume but the next arc could prove to be quite interesting! Although I am wondering how long this can run for now. 

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