Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Manga: Today's Cerberus Vol 3

Today's Cerberus Vol 3 
Rating: 4/5 
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The mythical beast Fenrir has set her sights on Chiaki, and Shirogane in particular is none to happy with the competition. It's dog versus wolf in this showdown that will bring the whole school to its knees! Who will come out on top?! 

I'm not going to lie, I feel like this series keeps getting better and better, and more and more fun! As you can tell from the synopsis Fenrir makes an appearance in this volume, and heralds the arrival of Norse mythology in this series. I love Norse mythology as much as I love Greek and Egyptian mythology so I was so totally stoked to see Fenrir make an appearance closely followed by her siblings Hel and Jormungand! 

As I was reading the chapter with them, I was thinking "please stick around...please don't be for just a chapter or two" and then they popped back up again. I'm like 75% sure they're here to stay and may or may not be a permanent fixture, which makes me really excited! 

Chiaki has a new friend in this volume, and I LOVE IT! Seriously. Idora's little cat buddy makes for some fun interactions with Cerberus too! I'm really enjoying the dynamics to Chiaki's growing friendship group and seeing Chiaki interact with them. The romance aspect steps up a bit with the arrival of Minnie, a childhood friend of Chiaki's who totally has a thing for him and takes something from their childhood the wrong way, and we all know how Roze feels....so....yeah. But we also have a potential solution to Chiakis little problem, which could prove to be very interesting. 

Volume 3 is just as fun and crazy as the other volumes, but we get to see some of Chiaki's past and get to know him a little better, this volume basically adds a little bit of depth to the story. We also got to see some more of Shirogane in action! This is one of those series that I genuinely look forward to each new volume for because it makes me chuckle, and it's entertaining! I'm hoping the Norse characters are going to stick around a bit more and I'm intrigued by the romance situation! This is such a fun slice of life but with you know....mythology! 

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