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Miami Mummies

Miami Mummies
Rating: 5/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: ARC Courtesy of the author!

Wendy Darlin is back, and she's found herself right in the middle of a turf war. Sort of. Tippy Henman, an old classmate, bought a patch of land through Wendy, promising her now deceased father she would build a high rise on it. Except, she forgot a few things that needed to be done...and now...two mummies have been found on the site. A state senator wants the land for himself, Tippy wants it to fulfill her promise to her father, and a tribe of Native Americans want it closed off to honour the ancestors they believe to be the mummies. Wendy calls in her lover, and Johnny Depp look alike, Roger Jolley to solve the mystery of the Miami Mummies....all is not as it seems, and it would appear the evil genius that is Kyzer Saucy, criminal mastermind, and mummy thief extraordinaire, has a hand in this.

But that's not all, Wendy has to assist her old mentor in his death and subsequent move to a new body, part of which involves stealing back a priceless possession Mission Impossible style. Drag Queens, mummies and's got Wendy Darlin written all over it!

Barbara very kindly asked me to review this, and I couldn't say yes fast enough. I loved Cairo Caper and I couldn't wait to get started on Miami Mummies.

When reading Miami Mummies, I had to perfect the art of laughing silently, often sounding like I was choking on something, because I decided to read this when sitting in a room full of other people, where laughing out loud is not an option unless you want to look like a total nutter. Or try and explain what's so funny to people who just don't get it.

In Miami Mummies, the action again kicks off right from the start with our favourite heroine following the screams to a murder site. From there it's all go, with fast paced writing and smooth flow, we know what we need to know, and we don't mess around with pointless pages about what Wendy ate for breakfast.

As well as the mummy mystery going on, we also have a little side plot with Wendy's old mentor, stealing back a statue, and waiting for him to return from the afterlife to his new body, which added a unique and unusual twist, with some old characters showing their faces again.

Wendy is still my spirit animal. She is me. She's up to her snarky, hilarious and charmingly bumbling but very heroic antics. The prospect of a mini Wendy running around was just too fantastic to imagine, this needs to happen in another book....seriously...I can see it now!

Miami Mummies manages to be realistic with how Wendy and Roger interact with each other, what happens in their lives aka pregnancy, how they react to situations (mostly, I don't think I'd be ordering someone to reverse up to a plane), and the historical aspect and how things are done regarding digs and discoveries and so on, while having totally fantastical developments like the transmigrate aspect and the hilariously ridiculous stunts.

Miami Mummies is the perfect blend of current language, witty and snarky remarks/play on words, perfect flow and writing, hilarious, ridiculous and page turning content. You never want to put it down, you want to stay with Wendy, laughing at what she does next. The plot twists and turns are hard to predict, I spent the whole time making up elaborate reasons why so and so must be Saucy, and being wrong.

Miami Mummies is a mystery, sprinkled with some history, with a couple of murders tossed in and blended with the perfect spin of humour, not to mention a leading lady you love to bits!

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