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Hey book lovers, and welcome to my Blog!
My name's Alisha and I'm in my early 20's from the London area.
I finally decided to start a blog back when I discovered that other people actually love books as much as me, and might want to talk about them too!

Obviously, I'm a book enthusiast and devourer with a smidgen of film geek thrown in there as well. The film geek comes from the acting part of my life, I'm an aspiring actress, occasionally getting to loiter on a set for a day or so and hoping to get bigger roles at some point in the near future! I would happily sell an internal organ to even just play Ewok number four in Star Wars!

Like most of you, I have far too many books and barely any space, I'm forever on a book buying ban that never quite works out! I read mostly Teen/YA and Fantasy with some historical and non fiction History thrown in as well, I'm something of a History nerd with a love for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, particularly the mythology! I love books that have something unique or original to them so there's a lot of those featured on this blog.

So those are the kinds of books you can expect me to review! My reviews mostly edge on the fangirly side so if you like to fangirl, I got you! I also will be giving you cover reveals, blog tours, book news and updates, a giveaway here or there and the occasional book talk! Not to mention talking endlessly about my love of books and possibly causing some TBR swelling with my book hauls and TBRs!

I pretty much have my own personal library so if you would like any recommendations, feel free to drop me a comment! I spend a lot of time photographing the books from my library, and posting them everywhere so check out my social media posts!
Have a stalk of my blog, leave comments, email me, follow me on here, twitter, tumblr whatever you use! I'm a friendly soul and love a good chat, especially about books!

"There is no such thing as too many books. However, there is such a thing as not enough room"

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