Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Manga: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 3

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Volume 3
Rating: 3/5 
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Eager for a new challenge, Haruhiro's party descends into the Cyrene Mines. However, as they go deeper, Mary is forced to face the ghosts of her more ways than one!

Yep you read that right, the group are heading in to the mines where all of Mary's party members died. I think we all know this isn't going to end well. Things get pretty tense with Ranta as he makes some questionable moves, and Haruhiro's in a crisis about being a leader so....kind of not the right mentality for facing a super dangerous mine. 

Despite Ranta's idiotic behaviour throughout a large part of this volume, the group does become closer and we get to know Ranta himself better, and why he does what he does, so it was nice to see them all come together, and while I still think Ranta's an idiot....I do understand him and his decisions. 

The group actually looks pretty strong as we come to the end of the volume, having grown closer, and gotten an understanding for each other. Mary's dealt with her past and Haruhiro has a new resolve...finally. I really do want to smack him one sometimes you guys! But the group really bands together and starts to finally look like and come across like a team! The volume has a nice amount of action to keep you occupied, as well as the interesting look at characters. I did like the tension in this volume too as the group where creeping through the mine, and thanks to the first volume, I never assume everything's going to end well! 


  1. I haven't read this series yet, but the fantasy setting sounds really interesting. It also seems like there's a good balance of action and drama, which I really appreciate in series like this. I'll definitely have to give it a try soon! One fantasy series that I've been really into lately is The Knight of The Falling Star. It's about a man from the fae realm who travels to the human world as his last test before he becomes a knight in his world. When he travels over, he wasn't expecting the human world to have changed since the medieval age, so he's shocked to find a more modern world. The story focuses on the relationship between the fae man, and a human girl that he met when he crossed over. It's such a quirky series, and I've really never read anything else like it. If you're looking for more fantasy series to read, it's one that I recommend looking into.

    1. That actually sounds really intriguing, and right up my street! I'll have to check it out, thank you for the recommendation!


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