Friday, 16 March 2018

Manga: Clockwork Planet 7

Clockwork Planet Vol 7
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Amid all the conspiracies and plots, the government is forced to come to a stalemate. When threats from mysterious parties and all-powerful weapons seem impossible to overcome, the leader of the military coup starts calling the shots. What's more, the leader's intent behind the coup is more dangerous to humanity than any could have imagined. Japan's national crisis has hit its peak, and Naoto and his friends stand at the core! 

The latest volume of Clockwork Planet is action packed from the start, I loved how the whole attack was drawn, with Naoto and his phases and so on, and the contrast between Ryuzu and Anchor as they attack. Vermouth fully has me cackling too. Volume 7 has a completely hilarious opening chapter! 

The volume is moving things along when it comes to the plot, we have Halter making his return finally, and Marie appears to maybe have a cool power? Or is she just a genius? Or both? Who knows. But Naoto and co swiftly enter the palace and we meet HRH Hoshi. They finally introduce themselves as basically the second Y and present themselves as an enemy to all of Japan, therefore giving the army something to work together on and forget the infighting. 

However, our bad guy is fully gunning for Naoto. He's revealed to be Hirayama and we get a load of backstory on him and what his issue is. Not only that but things are looking pretty dire towards the end of the volume and Anchor runs off to try and save the day while Marie and Naoto have a bit of a bicker. 

Volume 7 brings in a new character who's going to be interesting for sure, and I'm intrigued to see what part they're going to play. The world itself is expanded upon, and we get a lot of backstory and motivations for other characters that we've been curious about. I'm still not entirely sure where this story is going as a whole, but the current arc is definitely shaping up to be pretty epic! 

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  1. I'm really surprised that I haven't heard of this series before now. It seems really interesting, and I think I would enjoy it a lot. It seems like there's a ton going on with relationships between characters, and with the world that the story is set in, and sometimes I can really appreciate good drama like that. I've actually been reading another series set in a fantasy world recently, although it's a lot lighter in tone. It's called The Knight Of The Falling Star, and it follows a man from the fae realm on his journey through the human world. He traveled there as his last test before he could become a knight in his world, and he's caught off guard by how much things have changed in the human world since the medieval era. He also meets a human girl on his journey who's pretty much his opposite in every way. The story follows his journey, and the budding relationship he's building with the human girl. It's definitely an unique series, and if you don't mind a little bit of romance thrown in, I definitely suggest trying it out.


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